10 Bike Accessories to Improve Your Commute

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By choosing a bike as your main form of transportation, you are participating in a healthy way of life full of adventure, exercise, and a great way to catch a bit of the scenery. Not everyone can necessarily choose biking as their form of primary commute, but many people who believe biking is out of there logistical possibilities would be fine with the right bike accessories. Being an all-star commuter is all about the right gear to match the current conditions, and of course some blood pumping through the thighs, and to get those peddles turning on a healthier lifestyle, here for you today are 10 bike accessories to make your commute a lot easier (and perhaps safer):

Giro Sutton Urban Bike Helmet1The first thing that should be done before hopping on the commuter cruiser is throwing on the ole’ brain bucket. If they ever were, helmets are no longer a dorky symbol of an urban tourist, and every time you ride with the added protection you’re telling people that you care about the thoughts in your head. Giro understands this, and also understands that different situations call for different gear, and they have all sorts of styles of helmets to choose from including the urban-ready Sutton that will have you looking good and staying smart.

Cygolite Metro 400 and Hotshot 2W Combo Light Set2Whenever poor lighting conditions arise be sure to have a reliable rear and front light system to see clearly. And not only do these pocketsize appliances light up the road in front of you, more importantly they alert other vehicles and bikers of your presence. The Metro 400 light won’t disappoint with its 400 lumens and rechargeable USB lithium battery, and the Hotshot 2 watt rear light will shine brightly and alert you when the battery is going out.

Topeak Road MasterBlaster Bike Pump3 Alongside some replacement tubes and the knowledge with the tools to repair a flat tire, having a pump on you is a smart biking move. Because it’s really hard to blow your tire up via your lips, and floor bike pumps are bit cumbersome, something like the Topeak Road MasterBlaster, which securely and secretly attaches to your frame, you won’t be feeling deflated when your tires pop.

Bike Balls Bike Lights4Bike with pride with a pair of Bike Balls. Recently put into production by a Kickstarter campaign, these overstatement bike accessories are all the rage in urban dwellings and country roads alike. With few other ways to describe the intrinsic excitement of pushing it into 3rd gear down a big hill or navigating traffic on a busy city intersection, although this bike accessory is questionable as family friendly, it is sure to get some attention.

Hammerhead Bike Navigation Unit5Never get lost again with the Hammerhead Bike Navigation Unit. Developed in top secret laboratories and back country roads, the Hammerhead uses Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone and through an intuitive light system, helps you navigate your new favorite routes. Easy to use and easy on the battery life of your device, the Hammerhead Bike Navigation Unit won’t only impress your friends but it can you help you find them.

Banjo Brothers Convertible Waterproof Pannier BackpackGo from bike seat to on your feet with the Convertible Waterproof Pannier Backpack from the Banjo Brothers. Featuring 110 cubic inches of room to dump all your stuff, this convertible pack also has the designs and elements featured in the entire Banjo Brothers line including welded-seam liners, reflective piping and stiping, and quick access flap pockets, making this to be one truly stellar convertible bike accessory.

Ortlieb Seatpost Bag7Tired of feeling your keys jingling around in your pocket as you peddle hard to make it to work on time? How about that daunting feeling and mad pat down at your bike rides end when you think you’ve lost your credit card? Luckily there is an easy solution, a seatpost bag from Ortlieb which is easy to mount, easy to use, and is a little addition to any bike that can make a big difference.

Carradice Super C Rackbag8When you’ve gotten to the point where you are using the Carradice Super C Rackbag, you are a full on commuter champion. And it’s not that this product is outrageously expensive or ridiculous to see, but with a 13 liter capacity, it’s a big bag made for hauling big items. Perhaps it’s your overnight sleep system, your cache from a recent grocery store visit, or even a method for painstakingly moving out of your apartment, this bag can handle it all.

Ass Saver Original Mudguard9All jokes and funny names aside, the Ass Saver Original Mudguard stands true to its name and saves you from, well, getting your butt dirty. Anyone who has careened through a puddle has experienced it, that Mohawk of water that stripes your back with whatever gunk was on the road, and while traditional fenders work great, the Ass Saver Original Mudguard with its origami influences is a modern take on a critical piece of gear.

OnGuard Mastiff #8020 Bike Lock10Even if you don’t live in a populated city where bike thefts are a bit more common, having a reliable bike lock is always a safe play. Unfortunately bikes can be relatively easy to steal (they have two wheels, you can peddle them away), and a bike lock is usually a #1 deterrent for roaming bike thieves. Don’t just throw some tensile and wounded paperclips on the bike rack though, go tough, go re-enforced, and check out the OnGuard Mastiff #8020 for the ultimate protection.

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