7 Gadgets to Enjoy This Winter

iStock_000014423705_MediumThis winter, we’re grateful for ingenious products that help keep us warmer, make outdoor activities even more fun, and bring a little more happiness to the season. Whether you’re looking for a few gift ideas or are building your own wish list for Santa, you’ll definitely want to check out these awesome winter-themed gadgets.

ProFLEX Heated Insoles
You can toss out those inefficient so-called instant foot warmers that just seem to bunch up beneath your toes: it’s time to bring out the big guns. ProFLEX Heated Insoles are powered by rechargeable batteries and will stay hot as long as you want. You can defrost cold tootsies (or preheat your boots) by blasting them on high, or keep them set to low for an all-day kind of heat. The best part: once they’re in your boots, you can adjust the setting by remote control. The insoles come in a few different sizes and can be trimmed to fit your boots. Genius.

ARCHOS Music Beany
It’s the age-old dilemma: you want to listen to your tunes in subzero temperatures, but your beanie and your headphones are not compatible – it feels like your ears are being squished. Solution: the ARCHOS Music Beany. The integrated earphones operate via Bluetooth, so you won’t need to deal with a tangle of wires – perfect for a brisk winter run.

IonGear Heated Gloves
Raise your hand if you’re one of those people whose hands are perpetually cold. Now get ready to celebrate, because IonGear’s gloves have tiny heating elements inside, covering your whole hand – right down to the finger tips. They’re battery operated and you can adjust the temperature depending on how much your fingers feel like icicles.

Champ: Survival LightStick
When snowsport enthusiasts hear that a snowstorm is on the way, they get exceptionally giddy. Except, sometimes, snowstorms aren’t so good – think power lines down, roads iced over, no electronics, and (gulp) no heat. Enter the Survival LightStick: this all-in-one multi tool acts as an emergency weather radio, a flash flight, a mobile charger (hallelujah), a reading lamp, a distress light, and a siren. Take it camping. Leave it in your car. Stash it in your junk drawer. Or heck, buy three. By the way, you can recharge it with regular power, by way of its solar panel charger, or the old fashioned way – the hand-crank.

Moshi: Digits
Taking your gloves off to answer your friend’s text? Yeah, that’s not going to happen. You need touch-screen compatible gloves, stat. Moshi’s Digits is the glove to beat: these gloves have conductive fingertips as well as a grip pattern on the palm to keep your devices from slipping, plus they’re actually warm – a feature all too often overlooked in touchscreen gloves. When they start to look a little grimey, just toss them in the washing machine.

PEET Boot Dryer
Soaked snowboard boots: the only downside of an epic power day, especially if you have plans to conquer the mountain again tomorrow. PEET’s boot dryers will dry your boots in no time, while also deodorizing them and getting rid of mold and bacteria. There’s even a propane-powered version that you can take on a camping trip – now that’s brilliant.

WHAM-O Snowball Blaster
Okay, this one might not be as functional as the other gadgets on this list, but it was too cool not to include. Not only does the Snowball Blaster make snowballs, it also launches them up to 80 feet away. That’s some pretty good power. It also boasts an ergonomic wrist support handle, in case you were worried.



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