Ask Gearographer: Boy’s Only Camping

Drink! Drink! Drink!Dear Gearographer,

My friends do a men-only camping trip every year and I want to go. My wife wants to go too and I can’t seem to talk her out of it. She claims if we’re not doing anything wrong, why can’t she come? How do I get her to change her mind about going and let me go alone?

-Deflated in New England


Dear Deflated,

I too wanted to go on an all men’s camping trip and I had the exact same problem. A simple solution I hit on accidently is to invite your buddies over to the house. All of them at once. You get them all relaxed and liquored up and then just let them be themselves. The wife will see them in their relaxed, natural state and will be disgusted; trust me. An added flourish is to let them pee in the backyard and don’t pick up a single beer can until the party ends. This will allow you to go without her going and with her blessing. The downside arises when you realize on the camping trip that you miss her, are disgusted by your friends, and it really hits home when you have to eat your own cooking.


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