Ask Gearographer: I am not an I.T. guy


Ask Gearographer: I am not an I.T. Guy

Dear Gearogapher,

I have recently moved back in with my parents and I don’t know how much more I can take; I have become their new “IT” department. “Fix my phone,” they bark. “Why won’t my laptop turn on,” they cry. “Why won’t Siri call Aunt Marge when I say, ‘Aunt Marge?” It is beginning to drive me crazy and believe me, it will be a short trip.

Just this morning my dad stated he wants one of those, “wireless thingies,” hooked up so he can watch re-runs on this new channel called “Next flicks or whatever.”

I used to think they were pretty hip but as far as the new technology goes, they are Neanderthals. What should I do?

Fed up in Fayetteville

Dear Fed up,

First of all, anyone who can use the word “Neanderthal” in a proper sentence probably went to school thanks to those Neanderthals and should be able to find a job. As far as helping them out with their IT solutions: remember, these are the folks who taught you how to use a spoon. I think a little help with a wireless “thingie” is way less taxing than teaching an uncoordinated bag of flesh how to feed himself. We suggest next time you get that laptop fired up for Mom; you use it to look for roommates on Craigslist. Not for you but paying ones for them.



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