Ask Gearographer: Loaning Tools

Construction worker with nail gun

Dear Gearographer,

I have a neighbor who keeps borrowing my tools. I don’t mind lending them out but if I even ever get them back they are dirty or broken. What do you suggest I do?

Broken Tool in Toledo


Dear Broken Tool,

First of all, that is a very unfortunate choice for a name. Anyway, here are your options:

One, go over to his house and demand all your tools back. You might even hand him a brochure from the local Home Depot tool rental center. This may get your stuff back but next time he needs something, guess where he’ll go? (And I’m not guessing Home Depot.)

The second option is to just flat out refuse to lend your tools to anyone ever again. While this may seem like the best option at first, it may cause you to have to do the repairs on your neighbor’s house yourself because that’s probably what he’s been hoping for all along. I have a neighbor like that and…wait a minute…I am the neighbor like that.

Okay, the other option is to do what I do and refuse to answer your door to anyone unless they are either delivering a package or selling Girl Scout cookies.


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