Gear Review: Five Ten Eddy Watershoe

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It’s almost July and the dirty south is heating up. Being from Arkansas means that summertime is water time. I had a chance to review a pair of the Five Ten Eddys while on a canoe trip with some buddies. While I didn’t have the time to give them a proper breaking in, they didn’t need it.

Overall build quality is great, as usual for Five Ten. I was very impressed with how solid the shoes are. The combination of the crazy strong sole, rubber reinforced heel, and heavy-duty stitching makes these shoes suitable for a lot more than canoeing if needed. As usual, I had to push a little farther than I should have to test how well these things really grip. I was impressed with their performance after clambering like a chimp over some boulders by the water, much to the dismay of my more reserved companions on the trip. Let’s give it a five for durability.

At first glance, these shoes don’t resemble typical water shoes. More like a sneaker made of polyester mesh and rubber. The Stealth Phantom rubber soles extend over the toe of the shoe, reinforcing the breathable mesh frame and providing armor against sharp river rocks and stubbed toes. This same rubber was used in a number of Five Ten’s climbing shoes, and the added grip shines when dealing with slick rocks.

One reviewer mentioned that they look as likely to be worn in town as they do in the water. I suppose that whether the street-inspired look is appealing is a matter of taste. For me it’s a plus but I still probably won’t be wearing these around town because, well, they still look like water shoes to me. And while you can’t dispute that the forward-leaning styling is a compliment, it’s still a water shoe in my mind. Sure it’s capable as a daily wear which most shoes can’t really do two things so sure. I give a 5 for Functionality.

Currently these shoes are on sale on the site for $70 which isn’t a bad deal for a pair of shoes that you can wear in the water and on ground. Still, for me, I look at these as water specific shoes and while it’s a great deal for someone who is in the water a lot, it’s hard for me to imagine spending a Benjamin on shoes that I’ll only get to wear while on lakes or rivers. Now $70 I think is closer. Either way, to someone it’s a great bargain so I’ll go with a four for Value.

That sums it up for the Eddy Watershoe from Five Ten. I’m impressed by their foray into casual water sports and hope to see more creative applications of Stealth in the future!

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