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If anyone knows anything about gear, it’s us. We obsess over the newest trends in outdoor gear and apparel. Gearographer was born out of the necessity to review the sweetest swag on the planet. Our mission is to bring you the latest and greatest from outdoor brands.

Got some ideas, tips or advice to share?  Everyone has a piece of gear they want to review. If so, check out our submissions page.  Who knows, you may even score some free swag out of the deal.

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Yoon Kim, Editor in Chief
Yoon’s outdoor adventures have gotten him into some sticky situations—like using a snake’s nest as a climbing hold, breaking two snowboards in the same day (by hucking cliffs) and nearly running a mountain bike into a bear. Sometimes he wishes he had a real job like normal people. But yeah…that’ll never happen. His writing has appeared on Elevation Outdoor, Outside Business Journal and
Scott Stephens, Managing Editor
Scott left the mountains of Alaska to be closer to family in the Northwest Arkansas, in the process, trading his dipnet for a mountain bike. Whether he’s ripping through single track while mountain biking or hunting whitetail, he spends every spare minute he can grab soaking up the outdoors. The best part of the being in the outdoors is creating memories, joining new communities and meeting new people.
Benji Goossen, Digital Editor
Benji is a snowboarder in the winter, longboarder in the summer. When he’s not stuck in the office, gazing into the pixels of his computer, you can find him shredding in his home country of Kyrgyzstan or skating hills in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.
Cassie Pierson, Gear Editor
After finishing her degree in graphic design, Cassie taught herself how to code, do motion graphic animations and became an expert in art of gear testing. When not teaching herself a new technical skill, Cassie enjoys long walks with her dog Banjo and her husband Stachy (his real name is Dalton but he has a killer mustache). These long walks are mostly comprised of picking up shards of dog toys in the backyard that Banjo destroyed.
kenji Kenji Haroutunian, Tradeshow Editor
Kenji was once the man behind the curtain for major tradeshows. Now, he prefers to peruse the aisles, looking for trends in fitness tech and documenting the convergence of electronics and outdoor gear. You can find him testing out the latest smartwatches or writing about how kids are leading the charge for virtual reality in the outdoors.
Thomas Mulcahy, Gear Reviewer
Mountain man, knife enthusiast, and connoisseur of fine whisky, Tom not only lives these things, he also portrays them on film. As the model behind Victorinox’s Man and Knife series, he has introduced many knife lovers to the benefit of the SAK. Tom works with a team of professional writers and manages editorial for Gearography as well as The Clymb Blog. When not editing in Oxford Commas and M dashes, you can find him throwing axes, whittling wooden figurines or sipping on a tumbler of 30 year Macallan’s Rare.
Alex Miller, Editor/Gear Reviewer
After spending more than 15 years in the music education scene as a percussion instructor in Arkansas, Alex finished his degree in Communication with a minor in African and African American History and then, pivoted to the outdoor space. Fueled by his love for music, film, and representation, Alex creates cinematic lifestyle videos for outdoor brands, as well as unique product videos for the coolest outdoor gear on the market.
Ken McClary, Editor/Gear Reviewer
You may know Ken, you just don’t know it. As the brains behind several powerful social media influencer groups, he spends his days driving traffic to new breweries, restaurants and outdoor locales throughout Northwest Arkansas. He influences the recreation decisions of millions of people every year and the best part is they have no idea who influenced them. Former South Florida DJ turned web developer turned “internet billionaire” and outdoor influencer, Ken spends less of his time these days behind a turntable and more if it behind hiking poles.