My Dog’s Future is so Bright, He’s Gotta Wear Shades


The first time I saw a dog with sunglasses on, walking on the streets of Breckenridge, Colorado on a bluebird, sunny, winter day, I thought it was so cute! Then I realized, as the cornea scorching winter sun reflected off the shimmering white snow, if I can’t go without sunglasses, neither should he.

Why, You May Ask

There is an eye condition called Chronic Superficial Keratitis or Pannus, a common affliction that affects a wide variety of dog breeds and is especially prevalent in the Rocky Mountains States. It is a corneal inflammation that gets worse from UV exposure and can lead to scarring of the eyes and possible blindness. Not only is the UV exposure worse at higher elevations, but the reflectivity of snow can compound the problem.

Somebody Always Makes Rules

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has set standards for you and me and our dogs. Sun goggles for dogs should lock at least 50 percent of UV rays. Ideally, they should block 99-100 percent of UVA and UVB radiation. Goggles also should be used when a dog rides in a sidecar, on a motorcycle or even in the bed of your pickup truck for protection from wind and debris. If you need protection in any given activity, shouldn’t your pet be protected as well?

Getting Them On; Easier Said Than Done

For one, don’t put them on your dog while indoors. I’ve never understood folks who wear shades inside and believe me; your dog won’t understand it either. Your pup will probably try to paw at them or roll around to try and get them off and it’s very important that you stop them. Try to reassure them that it’s okay and get them distracted right away. Walking around will get their mind off the shades. Chances are, he or she will see a rabbit, a cat or a ball and be distracted. Once that happens they should get used to the shades and be cool with it, and by cool with it, I mean it in more ways than one.

It’s Styling Time

If you’re looking for form over function, style over substance or just wanting Spot to be spot on with the fashionistas, then is the way to go! They offer 5 different sizes to fit dogs up to 200 pounds (Now that’s a big dog!). To see if your dog will handle them, Doggie-Shades offers a sizing chart where you can print out a pair, cut around the edges and try them on. This will not only tell you what size to order but will give the pup a chance to look in the mirror and see how they look (just kidding….or am I?). These are all about style after all, so you want them to look sharp.

For the Sporting Crowd

Goggles for dogs or are for the sporty dog, or also just for the styling one. They offer a UV coating, shatterproof lenses and fit snuggly to your pooches face. They come in sizes to fit dogs as little as 3 pounds to 250 pounds (What the heck are they feeding these dogs?) Chin straps secure the Doggles to the dog’s face and the frames are a snug fit with foam padding against their face. Besides offering great protection for your dog, they will walk with pride as they are the coolest pooch around.

For the Extreme Athlete

For protection that resembles your ski goggles, you should check out Rex Specs Dog Goggles out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. These not only offer superb protection from the sunlight, but from wind, bugs, and any other debris as well that could harm your pup. They look like our ski goggles, so they provide your dog an unobstructed view, much better than goggles. These are great for working dogs and are used by several United States Defense Departments along with hunters, ranchers and other K9 professionals.

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Michael Ryan

Michael is a full-time musician and freelance writer residing in Morrison, Colorado. He enjoys downhill skiing, traveling and attempting to play golf. He excels in the sport of extreme napping so if you must call, make it after noon.

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