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On September 30, 2016
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The Black Diamond ReVolt is a powerful, versatile, rechargeable headlamp for climbing, hiking, camping or any other time you may find yourself out after dark.


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Functionality ★★★★★

With headlamps, there are only three features that matter: what kind of light they can emit, how brightly they emit it, and how long they can last (battery). The ReVolt is practically the mutli-tool of headlamps, with 3 versatile modes and the option to use rechargeable batteries that means anywhere you have power you can have light.

The ReVolt has 3 main modes: A main LED that emits up to 130 lumens that is ideal for illuminating trails in the middle of the night, two secondary white LEDs that emit a much shorter, wider beam that’s perfect for looking around for something indoors or in a tent, and two red LEDs perfect for night vision and any situation where you don’t want your eyes to have to adjust.

Design and Aesthetic ★★★★

The ReVolt has unassuming design, with a competent adjustable headband (that might sound like faint praise, but the only other thing a headlamp headband can ever be is a problem. The headband works and you don’t have to worry about it.) and a plastic main unit that hides the ReVolt’s defining feature. If you unclip the plastic casing, you can access the ReVolt’s batteries.

You have the option to switch out regular AAA for rechargeable ones, but what puts the ReVolt over the top is the ability to recharge externally, with a micro USB input (assuming you have rechargeable batteries inside.)

So you don’t need to bring a battery charger with you camping, only a micro USB cord (which is provided.) So if you’ve brought a power pack or solar panel to recharge your other electronics, you’re set. The only other factor is that the ReVolt runs slightly dimmer on rechargeable AAA batteries compared to regular AAA.

Durability ★★★★★

The ReVolt isn’t any more durable than your average headlamp, but it’s definitely not going to fall apart. The battery life is over 10 hours of continuous use, and on one of the Revolt’s low power modes it can last over 190 hours on a full charge. That’s not including the fact that rechargability can extend your time between needing new batteries indefinitely.

Value ★★★★

At a MSRP of $60, the ReVolt is a mid-to-upper-tier headlamp, and is definitely worth the price for any serious outdoorsman or outdoors-woman. However, with a little digging you can find it for as little as $45, at which point it becomes an option for those of us who are going to use it mostly at home when the power goes out or we otherwise need

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