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On November 6, 2019
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As tough as nails, as smooth as honey: The Haswell Survival Knife makes today the good ole days and puts a little bit of the cowboy spirit right onto your belt loop. This well-constructed walnut-handled knife does its job incredibly well, providing a reliable and high-performing survival knife.

Design/Aesthetics (5) ★★★★★

There is something about this knife that brings out the cowboy in us all. Made with 1095 High-forged Carbon Steel, brass rivets, a walnut handle, and a branded leather sheath, the Haswell pairs best with a pair of chaps and a Stetson cowboy hat. If a leather and wood fixed blade knife isn’t enough to call you back to your burly outdoorsman roots, the rugged finish of the blade seals the deal. In short, this knife is born of the Wild West, and would make John Wayne himself feel tough and burly.


Durability (4) ★★★★

It isn’t just the look of the knife that is tough and burly. The 1095 High-forged Carbon Steel is made to last a lifetime, the brass rivets in the knife and sheath are designed to last a lifetime, and overall, this knife is sturdy and solid. My only concern is with the sheath itself. Over time, I can see the sheath getting worn down by constant removable and replacement of the knife, however, so far it has proven to be nothing but sturdy. The blade does require that you care for it well. It is a quality knife and in order to maintain its quality, it will require cleaning and oiling.


Functionality (4) ★★★★

At first, I was not convinced that I would like the shape of this knife. The handle only has minor curve to it, making the initial feel of the knife a bit bulky and awkward. However, I quickly realized that the feel of the knife is incredibly guided by the weight of it. The handle sits soundly and weighted in your hand creating a feel of control and comfortability. The wedge-shaped edge does its job well, allowing for efficient and clean cutting, batoning, and shaving. Lastly, the four-inch blade with a four-inch handle makes for a good-sized, all-around knife to carry on your belt or in your pack, locked and loaded for your next adventure.

Value (5) ★★★★★

At $85, this knife is on the higher end of carbon steel fixed blade knives and about in the middle for walnut fixed blade knives. However, if you are looking for a knife with the aesthetics of a classic, old fashioned, rough and rowdy knife, the Haswell is the best option out there at a reasonable price. You can’t find another knife as engrained with the spirit and fortitude of the Wild West as the Haswell Survival.


Below are photos of the Haswell hard at work.


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