Review: Green Goo 100% All Natural Care and Repair Formulas

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Skin is a complex system designed to protect the internal body against external damage (pathogens, bacteria) and to regulate body heat, among other things. Although there are many variables, some chemicals can and do penetrate beyond the epidermis via topical application. So, in theory, it’s better to avoid all known harmful chemicals on the chance that they’ll enter your bloodstream. To that end, all of Green Goos formulas are made with sustainably and organically grown ingredients, safe for dermal penetration and absorption. The goo is neither greasy or oily, but manages to glide on a dissipates.

Design and Aesthetics
The palm-sized tins are ideally suited for portability and easy storage—perfect for packing along on outdoors pursuits without worry of leaking or breaking.

All the different formulas I tried worked as promised, but my among my favorites is the Solar Goo—a very effective SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunscreen. It combines coconut oil, shea butter and calendula with a Zinc Oxide; it’s waterproof for about 40 minutes before you need a re-do. Best of all it’s not greasy or smelly. Green Goo Pain Relief salve is as effective as the other top Arnica brand on the market. Where it stands apart is that it combines a blend of heating and cooling essential oils along with healing herbals, including arnica. Arnica is my go-to salve for pain, sprains, bruising and inflammation. I applied it to a small burn on my hand and it never blistered, and also healed within 24 hours. I also have used it on a painful contusion I received from a bungee cord hook that recoiled and snapped against my hand. Instead of the ugly bruises I would have normally ended up with it, the only sign of damage was a small area of redness.

It’s not cheap, but it’s organic, non-toxic and sustainably made, and free of a boatload of questionable synthetic and potentially dangerous chemicals (including gluten, which is an issue for celiacs) that you’ll find in similar products. And to me, that alone makes it worth it.

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