REVIEW: Groove Life Edge Life Silicone Ring

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Groove Life
Women's Yellow

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On March 4, 2020
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I was under the impression that silicone rings were all function and no fun, but the Groove Life Edge Thin Silicone Ring proved me wrong! This brand offers fun and durable solutions to jewelry in the outdoor industry.

Design/Aesthetics ★★★★★

I was excited to find out that the color choices for my Groove Life ring were endless. I had seen silicone rings as an option before, but Groove Life has taken a product that was created as a practical solution to jewelry in the outdoor industry and made it something to get excited about. My yellow version of the Edge Thin is no longer available, but even looking at the website now, they make quite possibly ever color that you could want. Whereas a lot of the silicone rings that I have tried before are bulky or dull, I was impressed by how much I loved having my yellow band on. It is slim, flattering, and looks natural.

Durability ★★★★★

I am an avid mountain biker and over the years few rings have survived the combination of an active lifestyle with everyday wear and tear. The Edge Thin is incredibly strong, and even with extended use, I am not at all worried about the band stretching out over time.

Functionality ★★★★

Groove Life rings are all equipped with a unique grooved pattern on the inside of the ring that allows for breathability and fast-drying capabilities. One of my main concerns with using a silicone ring was that the ring would stick too tightly to my skin and get dirty easily, however with these grooves, the ring moves freely similar to a traditional ring. I would note that my Groove Life ring fit slightly tighter than a traditional ring. I wear a size seven, and where solid metal rings have a little bit of space on my finger, the silicone sits fairly snug. The sizing is accurate, but if you prefer a looser fit, opt for a half or full size larger than your normal ring size.

Value ★★★★

At $29.95, Groove Life Rings tend to fall right in the middle price range but offer the huge benefit of coming with the Lifetime Guarantee. The warranty paired with their advanced technology and abundant styles makes Groove Life stand out as an excellent product at a reasonable price. Honestly, Groove Life offers choice and beauty for rings that are completely practical in working and outdoor environments, and that is a huge win in my books.


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