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On August 7, 2014
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If it weren’t for the limitation of the tripod mount mixed with high price and lack of options, this would be a perfect strap.

JOBY Camera strap 1 PortraitJOBY is known for throwing many different models of their gorilla tripods for almost every conceivable device on the market (except for your new cat) but their emergence in the camera strap has gone unnoticed. JOBY recently has targeted photography professionals with their Pro Sling Strap aimed at creating a better, faster camera strap.

Functionality ★★★
There is a lot to say here. JOBY is trying some new things with this strap that sets them apart from the rest of the market with this strap and here are some of those briefly.

Over all the strap does exactly what its supposed to. It holds the camera and holds it tight. If you’re still paranoid, JOBY also ships it with a safety carabiner that attaches separately to the camera to give it extra support without getting in the way.

The Pro Sling allows for extremely fast access to your camera and slides around your shoulder easily to allow the camera to go from your hip to eye in a split second from any position. It even allows it to rotate around the base of the camera considering it mounts into the tripod screw rather than camera strap holes (I can have two straps at once, ma!).  However for this very purpose it is unable to go directly onto a tripod without first being removed from the bottom of a camera. For a “professional” camera strap this isn’t okay.

However JOBY manages to solve this issue by selling an optional attachment plate with two ¼” screw holes at the bottom allowing the strap and a tripod plate to be attached simultaneously. Despite this, I’m left feeling this should have been included in the original design.

Design and Aesthetics ★★★
Most camera straps tend to decide between functionality or looks. JOBY is clearly leaning towards functionality side. However it still manage pretty cool while being a little “hip dad”-esque. It definitely looks better than the standard camera straps and the red accents on the JOBY match my Canon very well. However it still does have a tendency to scratch up your neck when sliding around your shoulder.

Durability ★★★
This thing is sturdy. It’s definitely a better build than default camera straps which aren’t low quality choices. Its strong, isn’t going to snap or be slashed. The screw feels strong, silky smooth and secure. I only wish that the plastic connections all around the strap were metal but I still definitely trust my camera in their hands.

Value ★★★
I’m not real big on camera straps. I like to think of my camera as an extension of my arm and leave it in my hand at all times. This does lead to me occasionally, say, using the camera as an icepick when I slip in the snow, so maybe I should be considering a strap. At that point I would definitely choose the JOBY Pro Sling for its speed and comfort. However $70 is definitely getting to be a “professional” price and therefor I would prefer to see features like the double screw mount for a tripod plate.


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