Review: Meier “The Doc” All Mountain Downhill Skis

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On January 5, 2018
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This ski is versatile and a very good performer. The wide waist picks you up in power and the lighter weight makes it easier to throw around. This is a good all-around or all-mountain ski and at a MSRP of $795 a good deal as well.


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This Glenwood Springs based Colorado Ski Company has named their “The Doc” ski after Glenwood cemetery’s most famous resident. Just like their namesake, Doc Holiday, you can bet on these skis and you will win in the end.

Functionality  ★★★★★
These “Docs” can be the one ski you have in your quiver if one is all you are going with. They are light enough to throw around in the bumps but sturdy on the flats. There was no chatter at all at high speeds and their stability provides a sense of security when going flat out. They have what they call a minimized traditional camber and early rise tip that helps add to its versatility. They bend when you want and stand firm when you need as well. This is aptly called an all-terrain, all-mountain ski, is handcrafted and will safely and enjoyably take you anywhere on the mountain you wish.

Design and Aesthetics   ★★★★★
With a 108 mm waist, this ski has some meat to it, but is not as huge in the middle as some. It does have a stiff tail but carves nicely and smooth through crud or powder alike. I skied on the 184 length Doc and they rode smooth and relaxed no matter what terrain or conditions popped up before me. One thing that sets Meier apart is their use of beetle-kill lumber. Colorado’s forests have been plagued for years with the destruction from the pine beetle epidemic and Meier is one of the forward thinking companies to find uses for the dead pine lumber. Bonded with petro-chemical free resin, the strips of beetle-killed pine are visible through the clear top sheets. The waist is 108 mm and the Doc comes in lengths of 168, 174, 179 or 184 cm. The brown, earth-tone colored graphics and colors compliment the western heritage of Glenwood Springs and Doc Holiday.

Durability  ★★★★★
This ski feels solid and should hold up under any conditions. While it’s hard to truly vouch for durability after just one day of skiing these Meier Docs are sturdy, well built and set to last. This seven year old company has been building quite a reputation for not just innovation, but quality as well.

Value  ★★★★
At $795 MSRP these are not the cheapest skis but certainly right in the range that good skis fall into these days. You don’t have to spend a grand or more for top quality as Meier Skis has shown.

Michael Ryan

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