Review: Metolius Freerider Climbing Pack

Freerider-PackFunctionality ★★★
The Freefider Pack from Metolius is a great pack if you have a lot of gear to haul out to the crag. Our local crag has a bit of a hike before you actually stumble upon the climbing area. This pack has completely replaced our multiple pack method of climbing. We throw everything into one pack and then unload once we get to the crag, we unload and start climbing. On the other hand, this is a 41L pack, so it can get ver heavy. Luckily Metolius has though ahead on this issue and they have incorporated a padded waist belt to distribute the load.

Design and Aesthetics ★★★
The design of the Freerider is very simple. It’s basically a luxury haul bag. This means that there is no organization inside the main compartment and there is only one small pocket in the lid. If you need to keep your gear separated, this is not the pack for you.

Durability ★★
This pack is made from a lighter weight version of Metolius’ Durathane haul bag material which means you could drag it to the crag (even though this is not recommended) and it would still hold up. The Freerider is meant to hold up to whatever you or the crag have to throw at it. We’ve been using this pack for the last few months and there isn’t as much as a scuff or thread loose on it.

Value ★★
The Metolius Freerider is a steal. Metolius’ has another pack that is similar but not as fancy or comfortable that is only five dollars less. So think of it this way, for five extra dollars, you get two more liters of storage and more comfort. Metolius has left little thinking to be done when it comes to getting a new climbing pack. The obvious choice is to go with the Freerider.


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