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Review of: Tifosi Podium

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On October 7, 2014
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Tifosi has managed to cram so much technology into the Podium and still managed to keep the price low.

_DSF2114Functionality ★★★
Tifosi is known for their innovative lens technology and the Podium does an incredible job of showing them off. The Podium doesn’t have much to distract from the lenses because they’re so simple. Tifosi made it possible to change the lenses in the Podium in seconds making them the perfect glasses for someone who wants to use one pair of glasses for multiple activities.

Design and Aesthetics ★★★
The podium is very simple in design but it is still jam packed with technology. The polycarbonate lenses are designed to be scratch and impact resistant. They also incorporate Tifosi’s “True Polarization” which embeds the polarization instead of applying it in a thin layer. The frames of all Tifosi glasses are made of a material called Grilamid TR-90 nylon which is extremely light and flexible. 

Durability ★★
The combination of the Grilamid TR-90 nylon frames and the interchangeable polycarbonate lenses makes the Podium an unbreakable combination. I watched one of the employees at Tifosi take one of their frames and twist it as far as he possibly could in every direction and they just popped back into shape every time. 

Value ★★
The last time I spent less than $70 on a pair of shades, I sat on them and they broke into three different pieces and they were ruined. I’m confident that the Tifosis won’t break anytime soon, even if I sit on them or even step on them. If you’re like me and you’re constantly breaking glasses then you should pick up a pair of Tifosi Podiums and stop dropping money every time you drop your glasses. 

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