Flying Tents: The Next Big Thing in Camping

A treehouse you can fold up in a backpack and take anywhere. Not gonna lie, I turned into a 22-year-old kid after checking out the offerings from Tentsile.

I met the Tentsile guys at Deer Valley during PressCamp (, and of all the exhibiting brands, I thought they had the most how should I phrase it, potentially disruptive product. There. And the story is even cooler. Here’s how it goes.

Alex Shirley-Smith, the coolest English CEO I’ve met ever, has spent the last how-many ever years of his life chasing the idea of Tentsile. He spends a year and like, all his cash, developing a prototype. It seems no one is interested in the product, and at some point he says to himself “F— it. Who wants a flying tent anyway?” The next week an article blows up on some obscure adventure travel blog, which crashes his website and puts him on the main stage.

Today, I think these guys are in a great position to disrupt the tent market. I mean, if you had the choice between sleeping on the ground and on a camping pad vs sleeping in the air and throwing pine cones at any hungry critter that comes your way, all for about the same weight and less cost, where would you sleep?

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Yoon Kim

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