Why Knockoffs are Ripoffs

Colorful SunglassesKnockoffs are counterfeit products, sold for cheap or at least cheaper than the original, by unauthorized sellers. We’ve all bought them or at least been tempted to, but there are reasons why it’s in your best interest to avoid them.

It’s Just Not Right
There have actually been studies that show that people who will buy a fake or knockoff products for the purpose of passing them off as the real thing are more likely to cheat in other areas of their life. Trying to pass off imitation products as the real thing is dishonest, and once you start on that slippery slope, where does it end?

It’s Just Not Fair
Whether you’re talking about buying a fake Rolex watch or an illegally produced generic drug, you’re not only risking buying an inferior product but you are cheating the developer of that product out of their fair share. Pharmaceutical companies and really any company making a complex product had to spend a fortune developing it. Add in all the marketing work and money put into making it a brand name and they deserve a return on their investment. The knockoff seller and manufacturer are riding on the coattails of the people who put in the work.

You Get What You Pay For
Sure, designer products are expensive, some may say overpriced, but the quality is superior to the fake. Coach handbags or purses have double stitched seams where a knockoff bag will have a single stitch. Top of the line NFL jerseys will have sewed on numbers while knockoffs are sometimes pressed on decals. Sometimes the NFL jersey will not even have the right font which is very noticeable to others. The Rolex that, yes, I purchased for cheap in Mexico, is a fine piece of work, but barely worth the $75 I paid for it.

Shopping Overseas
Other countries don’t have the same laws and enforcement as here in the States, so knockoffs are much more prevalent there. If you are buying a product from a street vendor it is a knockoff guaranteed. Even if you’re in a store overseas, if it’s not an official franchise, it’s a probably a knockoff. The old saying about a “deal too good to be true,” is based in fact. If it’s a screaming deal, there’s a reason. Those Ray Bans I bought right after purchasing the Rolex sit crooked on my head and are already scratched up.

China is the King
Putian, in the southeastern province of Fujian in China is considered a “nest” for counterfeit sneaker manufacturing. In Putian fake copies of Nike, Reebok, Adidas, and Pumas are cranked out by the millions. Sneakers were one of the most counterfeited products until cell phones came along. Perfume, electronics, clothing, and handbags are also among the top fakes made in China.

So Who’s the Wiser?
The NFL is one of the most adamant organizations fighting counter-fitting or knockoffs. Let’s be honest though, their jerseys are way overpriced and it is just a shirt after all. If you only wear it to a game or two a year, who cares if it’s not top quality and won’t last a lifetime? I bought the Rolex as a joke because honestly, I could never afford a real one and all my friends know that. Still, I learned my lesson with the Rolex and Ray Bans and personally I won’t do it again. Sure there is still the moral side to consider when buying knockoffs, even if you’re not trying to pass them off as real. That’s up to you to decide and act accordingly.

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