10 Amazing Outdoor Companies in Minnesota

MINNESOTAMinnesota, also known as the land of 10,000 lakes, is a well-endowed adventure state. That’s because with such attractions as Voyageurs National Park, The Boundary Waters, and enough bike trails to wear out your handlebars, the fun doesn’t stop in the winter with some of the country’s best cross country skiing and ice fishing to be found. So it should be no surprise that Minnesota is home to a lot of amazing outdoor companies, and whether it is retail or craft beer related, not only does Minnesota have an abundant spot in the outdoor industry, but also represents some of the highest quality products on the market. And whether you are looking for employment or just the 411 on some amazing outdoor companies, here for you today are 10 Amazing Outdoor Companies found in Minnesota: 

ganderGander Mountain—Saint Paul
Gander Mountain, headquartered in Saint Paul and found throughout the Midwest and the East Coast, has everything under the sun for a life in the outdoors. From canoes and kayaks to turkey decoys, from kids hiking boots to fishing bobbers, you can feel the sense of adventure the moment you walk into the doors of Gander Mountain. With a heavy emphasis on hunting and shooting, Gander Mountain also serves as one of the most well stocked retailer when it comes to used firearms, ammunition, and shooting accessories anywhere else in the country. And with a long list of corporate sponsors including the American Sportfishing Association, the International Hunter Education Association, and Pheasants Forever; Gander Mountain is a good example of how a big company can give back to the world they love.

gearGear Junkie—Minneapolis
If you are looking for the latest review on a Solar Cooker, or maybe looking for a list of 11 Awesome Adventure Vehicles for Under $10,000, or even if you want some inspiration by reading about an Epic Gravel Race, head on over to Gear Junkie.com to find all these and so much more. Founded in 2006, Gear Junkie has garnished a reputation of being the foremost online leader of adventure articles and reviews around the world. Based out of Minneapolis, the content found on Gear Junkie spans across the country and world to provide readers with the know-how and inspiration to find and gear you up for your next big adventure, making this one weekly newsletter signup that you don’t want to miss.

houseThe House—Saint Paul
The House doesn’t just sell outdoor gear; they fuel the passion behind it. With over 200,000 square feet of showroom space stocked full of gear ranging from Wakeboards, Skis, and every type of non-motorized Bicycle you can think of, The House has credited itself as a one stop shop for every adventure item you may need. And with the central location of Saint Paul not only can you find all of this gear conveniently located, but you’re not a stone throw away from all the play areas to give the gear a good testing ground. And if you’re not in the Saint Paul Area, no worries, because with any order over $50, The House is happy to ship anything to you free of charge.

midwestMidwest Mountaineering—Minneapolis
Alright, maybe when the word Mountaineering gets thrown out there, Midwest isn’t exactly the first word association you think of. But the good folks at Midwest Mountaineering based in Minneapolis are looking to change that way of thought, and with their unique grassroots history and long product line of outdoor gear, they’re doing a pretty good job of it. Midwest Mountaineering first began selling homemade climbing gear over 40 years ago and are still today a definitive spot for all of your climbing needs and offers both a bouldering wall and year-round events and clinics to sharpen your skills. And if climbing isn’t your thing, then Midwest Mountaineering has you covered in other departments including paddling and winter sports.

minnetonkaMinnetonka Moccasin Company—Minneapolis
Chances are if you have ever found yourself out in public, you have come across the classic Minnetonka Moccasin, and it should be no surprise that a company named Minnetonka is based out of Minneapolis. Born in a gift shop in 1946, the Minnetonka Moccasin was a staple item that sold for $3.80. Fast forward to today and the Minnetonka Moccasin Company has expanded their line to include Boots, Slippers, and Sandals, but have still stuck to their iconic look and offer their moccasins for as low as $39.95. And for a little inspiration on some outdoor fashion, Minnetonka Moccasin Company also offers an extensive online catalogue of LookBooks for a definitive guide of looking good while being in the outdoors.

Polaris has defined itself in the market as the leader in all motorized recreational vehicles through their headquarters in Medina, and for years to come they plan on providing all users with any motorcycles, snowmobiles, and off-road vehicles they might ever need. And besides the “traditional” lines, Polaris also offers more unique products including electric vehicles, Slingshot driving machines, and commercial & government vehicles; which showcases the durability and innovative design that defines the entire Polaris line.

qbpQuality Bike Products—Bloomington
The first company you might associate with your bicycle isn’t Quality Bike Products, but chances are, if you ever shifted into second gear or gripped your handlebars, you have come in contact with Quality Bike Products. That’s because through their Bloomington headquarters and shipping warehouses across the country, Quality Bike Parts is one of the nation’s biggest wholesale bike park retailers. Serving over 5,000 independent bike dealers, Quality Bike Products carries such brands as Surly, Civia Cycles, and Cogburn Outdoors which means by doing business with QBP you’re not only guaranteed great service but great bicycle parts to match.

Minnesota is known for their fishing, so it makes sense that they are also recognized for their numerous fishing retailers. Among the many and among the best of all of Minnesota’s fishing companies is Rapala based out of Minnetonka. Within their product line is every type of fishing jargon for every type of fishing including Fluorocarbon Fishing Line, Fillet Knives, Jigs, Soft Baits, Hard Baits, Panfish Lures, Spoon Lures, and Trolling Feathers; making you feel like an expert angler every time you visit their website. And whether you are just browsing or looking for something specific, much like the rest of the Minnesota fishing companies, you can expect nothing but the best from Rapala.

summitSummit Brewing Company—Saint Paul
Besides fishing, Minnesota is also well known for craft breweries. And while other craft beers such as Indeed Brewing, Dangerous Man Brewing Company, and Fulton Brewing do well to represent the state, considered by many to be the flagship craft breweries is Summit Brewing Company. And whether you are enjoying something from the staple line including the Extra Pale Ale or the Great Northern Porter, or you are tasting one of the seasonal suds including the Oktoberfest or Winter Ale, it’s a great feeling just imagining the many adventures you can share these hand-crafted beverages with. And with an online guide to their brewing process, not only can you enjoy these delicious beers, but you can get a little taste of the action and see how they are made.

wildernessWilderness Inquiry—Minneapolis
Wilderness Inquiry’s mission is to welcome everyone to the outdoors, and with their extensive wilderness outings and expertise, they do a pretty good job at it. Offering adventures across the world in destination such as Olympic National Park, the Apostle Islands, Hawaii, and Kenya (and any customizable adventure you can think of), Wilderness Inquiry literally makes your adventure dreams come true. Created in 1974 by two men who were inspired by their NOLS instructor Paul Petzoldt, Wilderness Inquiry may have started with a simple trip in the wilderness but has expanded over the years to become an authoritative voice on the benefits and good-natured fun of spending time in the wilderness.

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