10 Amazing Outdoor Events in September

sept eventsYou can feel it in the air as the humidly sticky sunshine gives way to cool evening breezes—September is here and ushering in a new season of adventure-friendly weather. It’s worth arguing about, but this time of the year might be the most encouraging to get out and do something outside, and non-coincidentally, there are a ton of awesome events happening outside in the month of September.

Telluride Film Festival, Telluride, Colorado – September 47
If there is only one thing better than the films featured at the 42nd Annual Telluride Film Festival, it’s the magical mountain scenery that surrounds this cultural event of the month. Between screenings of your next favorite movies and seminars with acclaimed film stars, be sure to catch some of the Colorado Rocky Mountain goodness in what perhaps is the most beautiful time of year to visit the Colorado Mountains.

Mammoth Running Escape, Mammoth Lakes, California – September 10-13
The perfect getaway for the avid runner or newly inspired athlete, the Mammoth Running Escape is a running camp put on by Olympic medalist and record holder Deena Keaton, and she is more than happy to show you her stomping grounds while giving some advice on the sport she loves. Featuring a wide range of running events and distances, this 3-day camp is sure to ignite the running spirit while celebrating everything that Mammoth Lakes has to offer. And to find more running events near you, be sure to head on over to AmericanTrailRacingAssociation.com

Oregon Endurance Series, Mount Hood, Oregon – September 12-13
Race #4 in a four part series, the Oregon Endurance Series is ending properly by tackling the iconic trails of Mount Hood. Offering some of the most challenging terrain found on the west coast—which means some of the most challenging terrain found in the nation—this race is also serving as the North American Enduro Finals which means alongside the gnarly terrain. You can expect some of the best riders in the world to be flying down the tracks. And if this race isn’t your speed, be sure to check out SingleTracks.com to find other races within your wheelhouse.

Colorado High Plains Balloon and Kite Festival, Byers, Colorado – September 12-13
Looking for some family friendly fun this September? How about something to stare at while enjoying some fresh Rocky Mountain autumn air. Look no further than the Colorado High Plains Balloon and Kite Festival located just 35 minutes outside of Denver in Byers, Colorado. Featuring flights of fancy and spectacles you’ll never forget, this is the perfect event to place a lawn chair down and kick your feet up as the sights float up in front of you, making this for an unforgettable event the whole family can enjoy.

Tomahawk Challenge Adventure Race, New Harmony, Indiana – September 12-13
Bike, trek, and paddle your way through the history-rich region of the Wabash River Valley in southern Indiana with the Tomahawk Challenge 24-hour adventure race in the middle of the month. Featuring every discipline accustomed to adventure racing, including general ropes skills and navigation, this adventure race is perfect for either the first time 24-hour competitor of the seasoned athlete, and the only thing more fun than the race itself will be the amazing scenery it passes through. And to find more adventure races near you, be sure to navigate your way over to UnitedStatesAdventureRacingAssociation.com.

PDGA United States Women’s Disc Golf Championships, Ohio – September 25-27
The women are taking the field at the United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship spread throughout central Ohio. Watch the ladies huck, putt, and compete for the ultimate title in one of America’s fastest growing outdoor sports. Featuring big throws, demos, and the rising stars of women’s disc golf, this is one event worth putting on the calendar, and to find more tournaments and courses near you, putt your way on over to ProfessionalDiscGolfAssociation.com.

24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell, Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, Arkansas – September 2327
As if rock climbing isn’t challenging enough, the 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell is taking the stakes up another notch with a literal full day of a climbing competition. Teams of 2 are encouraged to tackle this unique climbing event and gain points for every successful crag they climb, and with the array of options at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, it won’t be hard finding routes to get on, but it could be a little difficult climbing for 24 hours straight.

Great American Beer Festival, Denver, Colorado – September 24-26
The Great American Beer Festival in Denver may have already sold out this year, but considering this brew-tastic event only keeps getting better and better, it’s worth noting for next year’s September. Featuring 100’s of breweries, tastings, clinics, and information sharing about America’s greatest brews, you can bet this will be one place in Denver to find yourself a good time. Attendance is restricted, and it helps if you’re an insider (i.e. brewery), but if you can get that proverbial golden ticket to this event, prepare to sample one of America’s newest pastimes.

2 Dam Days Paddle Marathon, Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri – September 25-27
For the avid paddlers out there, the 2 Dam Days Paddle Race is just for you. Featuring over 90 miles and you guessed it, two dams, this event is for anyone that doesn’t mind a couple of sore shoulders. And if 92 miles isn’t quite your style, 2 Dam Days also offers willing participants a 16 mile course, a family-friendly 1.5-4.5 mile track, and a 32 mile stand up paddleboard race for those who just can’t sit down for so long; making for the 2 Dam Days in the Ozarks a worthwhile event for anybody that likes to go with the flow.

San Jose Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, San Jose, California – September 26-27
Combining the electric energy of any racing event with the electric guitar is a sure fire way to have some fun, and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing Series that spans the nation proves that live music and running mix well together. This month the Rock ‘n’ Roll series hits San Jose with a half-marathon, 10K, and 5K course complete with plentiful course support and an expected 16,000 runners. Along the way, you can make each step count as you fundraise for one of the Rock ‘n’ Roll participating charities including the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and the Next Step Foundation.

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