7 Tents Perfect for Car Camping

That ultra-lite tent is nice when you’re in the backcountry, but what about the “front” country? What about those moments when you have the marshmallows roasting and the camp kitchen set up, when everything you need is a trunk space away? There are a wide range of big tents perfect for the family out there, and some hold up to the elements better than others. Here are seven of the best on the market:

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 61The Flying Diamond 6 from Big Agnes, as well as the Flying Diamond 4 & 8, has become a staple item in the basecamp tent market. Featuring all the quality designs found on all Big Agnes tents including lightweight aluminum poles, reflective guylines, and available mtnGLO light add-ons; what comes extra with the Flying Diamond 6 is the space. Not only does it come with 90.5 square feet, but with a design that incorporates two tents into one (including a packable retaining wall), this is one tent you can get lost in.

MSR Backcountry Barn Basecamp Tent2The MSR Backcountry Barn Basecamp Tent is such a fine looking product that if you do procure this tent-staked domicile, you might consider living in it full time. Featuring a detachable floor, the Backcountry Barn can adapt to its surroundings enabling a space to live, to cover a picnic table, or to give a quick shelter from the elements and at 72 inches tall, you’ll never feel cramped in this easy to assemble tent.

Kelty Sonic 83Sometimes the most frustrating part of a big tent is the set-up process. Despite best designs, it can sometimes feel like you’re assembling a puzzle with larger tents, and let’s not even mention putting them back in their respective carrying cases. The Kelty Sonic 8 puts these complaints to ease by replacing all tent poles with two Air Tubes that with a little effort from the provided dual-action pump, can pitch your tent within a couple minutes. Easy to deflate and put away, impress your friends with the little amount of time it takes to blow up the Kelty Sonic 8.

Mountain Hardware Yurtini4Bring a Yurt wherever you go with the Mountain Hardware Yurtini. Featuring three screen doors, an optional floor, and internal sleeping chamber, this is one of the more unique basecamp tents on the market. Yurt’s provide for more space, high clearance for headroom, and minimizes wind load, letting you hang out, do yoga, or whatever sails your boat in the peaceful confines of a room with no corners.

Marmot Lair 8P5The Marmot Lair 8 Person tent was designed for extreme mountaineering expeditions where gale force winds attempt to rip out the tent stakes and send its users off the mountain. Given these attributes, the Lair makes for a great, and safe, family camping tent especially if the family enjoys camping comfortably in inclement weather. With a floor space of 165 square feet, the Marmot Lair not only keeps you protected from the elements, but it can keep a lot of people protected from the elements.

Eureka! Copper Canyon 126One of the larger tents you’ll find in the market, the Eureka! Copper Canyon 12 is a massive 168 square foot, rectangle shaped tent that can comfortably sleep 12 average-sized people. The design is pretty straightforward for this behemoth of a living space that rivals some studio apartments, but with enough area to sleep a small army, as well as detachable gear lofts to keep the clutter at bay, the Eureka! Copper Canyon 12 is ready to host you and all of your friends for the night.

REI Kingdom 8 Tent7The REI Kingdom 8 Tent can be transformed from one large 104 square feet living space into two full-sized tents with a separation down the middle; making this a perfect situation for a large group that wants a little space. A perfect campground companion, the REI Kingdom is a great family tent for a great family price, and once you have the tent staked to the ground and standing up, you’ll appreciate all the space you can share, as well as the availability to split it down the middle.

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