Ask Gearographer: Is Jewelry Gear?

Dear Gearographer,

Is jewelry considered gear? My husband and I have been fighting over this for months. He spends all his extra cash on fishing and hunting gear, yet says it’s a waste to buy me jewelry. I say jewelry is gear to me and I deserve a set of diamond earrings as much as he deserves a new fishing rod. We decided to leave it up to you.

Much Obliged,
No Diamonds in Dallas



Dear No Diamonds

Of course jewelry is gear. Just like men use flies and lures when fishing, women use jewelry as bait. Men are attracted to shiny objects; we always have been. Whether it’s a beautiful woman with diamond earrings or a red corvette with chrome wheels, if it shines, we like it, we want it, and we must have it. Next time you two go out, try using his favorite lures for earrings and see how he likes it, or better yet make a nice necklace out if his hand-tied flies and maybe he’ll get the hint.


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