Awesome Outdoor Crowdfunding Projects to Check Out in October

autumn colors in the forestCrowdfunding sites such as and Indie Go are a great representation of the free market making decisions. The structure of community investment is simple and produces intricate ideas of exploration, design, and new ways to make the world a better place. Among the different projects hosted on these websites, every idea is unique with a lot to scroll through, and some are worth paying special attention to, so to help make your next investment a worthwhile one, here for you today are 10 Amazing Crowdfunding Ideas for October:

Sun-Seeker: A Powerful Portable Solar Generator
The Sun-Seeker Portable Solar Generator is the perfect resource for emergency and recreation power needs. Available in two sizes, the Weekender which can last 48 hours on a charge, and the Survival Pack, made to last the first 72 hours after an emergency, Sun-Seeker Packs has your back for all your electrical needs. Easy to carry and with three available ways to charge, you can get full battery in under two hours of charging, making this for one portable pack that can pack a punch.

Gi FlyBike: The First Electric Bike That Folds in One Second
Feel like a secret agent as you dismount the Gi FlyBike Electric Bike and with a flick of the wrist, fold it up in under a second. Easy to ride, and even easier to store, this electric bike is ready to roll and get you there. While there are a handful of electric bikes on the market, none fold so easily as the GI FlyBike, making this one new toy that can easily find space in your garage.

KAVA – The Ultimate Bag For Your Everyday Carry
Whether you carry it as a duffel or as a backpack, and whether you’re lugging along your overnight supplies or adventure gear, the consistent thing among the many ways to use the new KAVA bag is that you’re going to look stylish while using it. That’s because not only does this bag fulfill many of a purpose, it also looks good while doing it. Stylish and functionality, what else could you ask for in a backpack?

Greenaid – Seedbomb Vending for Greener Cities
Help plant wildflowers in your neighbored with Greenaid Seedbomb Vending Machines. Repurposed after old gumball machines, the concept is the same with the Greenaid as you deposit your quarter into the turnstile, but instead of a sugary cube you receive a handful of seeds to plant at your pleasure. A great community initiative project, and just a little way to have some fun in your day, check out Greenaid for your neighborhood today.

O.W.P. 2016 – Photo Competition and Exhibition
Help finance the One Week Project and help creative artists further the fun of winter photography. For the last two years, One Week Project has sent seven accomplished photographers and their teams of skiers and snowboarders to high alpine locations with one goal in mind; to take some awesome pictures. This year, the photographers and the party that follows at the end of the week, including the live photo competition, are heading to Hemsedal, Norway. So if you are on that side of the world, be sure to check it out!

Noice – All in One Waterproof/Attachable Speaker
The Noice Speaker is a guaranteed way to bring your phone and your tunes to any environment. Unique in the fact that these waterproof speakers have a convenient waterproof and touch-screen accessible case for your phone and it’s made to fit into any GoPro mount on the market. That means whether your surfing, rafting, or riding around in a golf cart you can keep your phone safe and keep the party going.

Emergency Floor – Get Off the Floor
Emergency Floor has already surpassed their fundraising goal by far, but considering their impactful product it might worth donating further. Emergency Floor is a simple system that helps solve a big problem in areas of the world where refugee camps are raised as an emergency resource. Believing that no one should have to live in the dirt, Emergency Floor uses discarded shipping pallets and a modular floor system to provide a barrier between the earth and many people’s homes, helping to prevent disease, discomfort, and the anguish that can be not having a home to call your own.

SegSac: Elevate the Way You Pack
The SegSac aims to help avid outdoors people in their packing system. Brilliantly simple, the SegSac is simply a stuff sack with different and accessible compartments, or “segments”, so you organize your gear however you like and never disrupt the order of things. And whether you pack each compartment with different sets of clothes for different weather, or you keep your stove handy while not forgetting the water pump, the SegSac is a simple way to make your outdoor life easier.

Tactical City Pack: A Pack For Your Office and Outdoor Life
Whether outdoors or in the office, the Tactical City Pack has you covered. That’s because every specifically designed feature of the Tactical City Pack is multi-purpose, such as the laptop sleeve also working as a hydration reservoir holder. So clean the clutter of your multiple backpacks for different occasions and cut it down to one, the Tactical City Pack.

The Canadian Rockies Project
Take a journey to craggy peaks, big mountain air, and perhaps one of the most humbling regions in the world; the Canadian Rockies. The Canadian Rockies project is an ambitious one-man expedition to snap pictures of these sleeping giants, and with your contribution to the artist’s goal of $5,000, you can receive your own personal prints of these Rocky Mountain wonders.

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