Review: Benelli – Super Black Eagle II Waterfowl Edition

12 Guage Shotgun:
Tucker Allen

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On October 19, 2015
Last modified:May 19, 2016


Light, amazing recoil reduction and an all around phenomenal shotgun.

Last week I traveled up to the fields of South Dakota to do a little pheasant huntin’ with my gramps, Papa Pete. Now being from Arkansas (the natural state), I grew up hunting all kinds of birds. I’ll never forget when I was 10 and I shot my first pheasant. My grandpa brought me on a trip and handed me a single shot 20 gauge. This gun was awful, could barely kill a quail much less a pheasant.

It had just snowed heavily so the birds were really dug in deep. But I’ll never forget, I was walking along the field watching the dogs work when I took a step and suddenly hear that glorious cackle of a rooster as it leapt up from about 2 feet in front of me. Now I damn near crapped my pants it scared me so bad, but I pulled up that little 20 gauge and not only did I kill the rooster, I blew his beak off. From that point on Papa Pete has called me the “pecker shooter”.

Back to what you came here for, I brought this camoed up 12 gauge with me and tested it out on some roosters. Fortunately I got all of the misses out at the range earlier that week and hit my limit all 3 days within a few hours. Don’t believe me? Check the pic at the bottom and see. I have now made pheasant 4 different ways since last Sunday and have discovered some delicious recipes, but alas, let’s discuss the SBE 2.

Functionality ★★★★★

The tech on this beast compared to that little 20- gauge is out of this world. Below are all of the specs of the SBE 2:

  • Ultra-reliable Inertia Driven system
  • ComforTech recoil reduction system
  • Crio barrel
  • Triple Threat choke tube system also included
  • Lengthened forcing cones
  • Polished actions
  • HiVIZ Comp sight—multiple color inserts included
  • Paddle bolt release
  • Large bolt handle—suited for gloved hands
  • Paracord sling

My absolute favorite thing about this gun is the recoil, or lack thereof. The ComforTech recoil reduction system is a thing of beauty. Seriously though, for a 12 gauge this thing kicks like a 20, barely at all. If not for my bird limit, I could have been out there all day shooting and my shoulder wouldn’t have had a problem whatsoever. Also this beast take 3 1/2 inch shells so you can bring those heavy loads.

Design and Aesthetic ★★★★★

If you can’t see from the pictures this gun is so beautifully designed. It takes that Italian sleek beauty and steps it up with a little modern flair. Obviously the camo makes it perfect for duck hunting but I like it just the same for pheasant.

The middle bead and red bar front site making aiming down the sites very natural and easy. Unlike many other guns that take some getting used to with aiming down, the bright almost orange glow to the front site makes it so simple.

sbe2caseDurability ★★★★★

It is a Benelli, need I say more? This Italian company has been making the highest quality shotguns for 50 something years, this baby never misses a beat. I’ve only fired about 300 or so rounds out of mine and I believe out of all of those I have had maybe 1 or 2 mis-fires. I think those were just bad shells so I am not blaming the gun for those.

Also it came in this handy little case with all of the parts neatly packed up tight. Whichmakes flying with it (obviously as a checked bag) incredibly convenient.

Now it comes with a plug already in place but if you think you need more shells it is pretty simple to take out. Just make sure to watch out for the spring when you remove the, it can easily go flying out. It’s probably a good idea to watch a video on youtube before taking it out for the first time.

Value ★★★★

At a whopping $2,669 on their website this beast is fairly expensive. But it has so much going for it that I have to give it 4 stars.

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