Best, Unique Bike Storage Ideas

You’ve just invested in an amazing bike and already you’re envisioning all the fun you’ll have, just you and your two-wheeled steed. Before you get too excited, you need to think about where you’re going to house your new ride, safe from the elements and theft. Here are some of the best bike storage options available.

The Original Bike ShelfThe concept is simple: a solid piece of walnut or hickory designed not unlike a shelf except with an incorporated notch. The purpose of that notch? To keep your bike off the floor, out of the way, and make it look really good all at the same time. The Original Bike Shelf was designed by Chris Brigham after he saw a need for it, noticing that his apartment-dwelling friends were struggling to store their rides. Problem solved, and in such a stylish way. Thanks Chris!

Delta Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Storage RackAny small space dweller worth his salt knows that the trick to keeping things organized is to go vertical. The fine folks at Delta appear to be in on the secret and have offered the Two Bike Gravity Storage Rack as a solution. Steel tube construction and rubber bumpers offer function to an already slick look and since the rack leans up against a wall, there’s no need to worry about installation. A great option for multi-bike households or collectors.

TransIt Bicycle HoistA fabulous choice for loft-dwellers or others blessed with high ceilings, the TransIt Bicycle Hoist is a simple concept that makes a whole lot of sense. The hoist system attaches to your bike and allows you to easily raise it up and off the floor. There’s a rope locking mechanism, which means no bikes crashing down unexpectedly and the pulleys are ultra smooth so even your Pashley can be suspended with minimal effort.

Vanmoof Ghost Bicycle StandProud bike owners know that their rides aren’t just a way to get from point A to point B. They’re works of art and they deserve to be treated as such. The Ghost Bicycle Stand is a minimalist concept piece that allows riders to store their cycles without taking any attention away from the bike itself. It’s not available for purchase yet but is garnering a lot of excitement so keep your eyes peeled.

The Very Nice Bike RackConstructed out of bent plywood with a walnut veneer, The Very Nice Bike Rack comes in either a floor or wall option and is a superbly designed place for your bicycle to call home. The wall-mounted version is best suited for lighter bike with a horizontal top tube whereas the floor model can accommodate just about every set of wheels. Both take up very little space, look amazing, and work wonderfully well. The only problem is that they’re hard to come by, but can’t that be said about most good things?

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