Climbing Tips for the Ladies with Sasha DiGiulian

Marv Watson/Red Bull Content Pool

Marv Watson/Red Bull Content Pool

Calling all ladies! Here are several tips for your next day or trip out climbing. Remember. Confidence is key. Climbing is an incredibly mental sport, and when you can control your breathing and have an open mind to different sequences, you can clip the chains to that climb that was seemingly impossible.

Just because you’re not as strong as a guy, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something. Don’t be intimidated by trying your boyfriend or guy friends’ project even if it’s above your perceived level– it may fit your style more, and the worst that can happen is you fall in the rope while getting stronger by trying harder moves.

Fuel your Body
Bring simple carbs like bread, tortillas, or rice cakes, and honey, nut butters, and jams to ride them. Mix some chia seeds in with your water for an extra, all natural electrolyte boost.

Now for Beauty
Looking cute helps with your confidence, but don’t go over-board with the make up because you’re already looking hot being outdoors and crushing rocks – minimalist is key!

So for the Hair
French braids are easier to do the dirtier your hair is. Key for climbing trips!

And the Nails
Paint your nails with the expectation that they will get chipped – I recommend you do them yourself instead of getting a professional manicure.

Finally, the Apparel
The sports bra padding inserts just get hot and sweaty, I would avoid them – they are easy to remove from the sports bra, and you can always put them back in for a different occasion. Having your shorts longer than your harness loops will be much more practical.

Be comfortable, Have confidence, and Smile. You’re getting a full-body work out, breathing fresh air, and having fun with friends. No complaints!


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