Greatest Gifts For Yoga Lovers

From the best clothes to the most enviable props, you’ll have no problem checking all of the yogis and yoginis off your list with this complete guide to the best yoga-inspired gifts this holiday season. With products to fit every taste and budget, you’re guaranteed to score major karma points with the savasana set this holiday season.

Class Pass
If you know that your yoga loving friend is loyal to a particular studio, check out their website and see what they offer in terms of class passes. Like a gift certificate only better, you know that this gift will be used and adored. That being said, you’ll want to make sure that the recipient doesn’t already have a membership or annual pass. If you don’t know where their yoga loyalties lie, try a multi-studio sampler like the Passport to Prana which not only gives them the gift of choice but may just lead them to finding their new bliss.

Yoga Towel
Talk to any yogi and they’ll happily extoll the virtues of whichever mat they practice on but chances are, they’ll all be singing the praises of a different surface.  You see, mats are deeply personal and can make or break Garudasana, depending on who’s standing on them. Instead of risking the wrong choice, opt for an accessory that will help their practice, regardless of where their mat devotions lie. A yoga towel like the Yogitoes Skidless Towel provides traction and an extra layer of comfort, something that goes a long way during an especially sweaty practice.

Yoga Journal Subscription
The ultimate read for devotees, Yoga Journal is the authority in what’s happening in the yoga universe and no self-respecting yogini ever misses an issue. Make things easier by gifting her with her very own subscription. Not only are you helping her stay on top of the latest conferences and gear, you’re giving her a gift that will remind her how awesome you are with each new issue that’s delivered to her mailbox. Talk about spreading the love!

Studio Kit
Lululemon’s Studio Kit is the answer to every busy yogi’s prayers. Easy to toss into a briefcase or yoga bag, this handy little pouch keeps necessities like a comb, razor, and deodorant handy for that frenzied transition between class and real life. Help keep him organized (and squeaky clean) by filling it with travel sized versions of his favourite products, making that much easier for him to get from his early morning practice to a breakfast meeting with time to spare.

Cork Block
Set the stage for the ultimate home practice by gifting your flexible pal with Manduka’s cork block. Made of sustainable cork, it’s a denser version of the familiar foam block and offers unparalleled support during those trickier asanas. One can never have too many blocks, especially ones as awesome as this one, making it the perfect one-size-fits-all present that you know will get used.

Mala Beads
Said to promote a calmer mind, body, and spirit, mala beads are meant for anyone seeking to dig deeper within and look good while doing it. Mala Collective offers a wide range of gorgeous necklaces, all putting forth different intentions which are guaranteed to inspire the special soul warrior in your life.

Spiritual Gangster Shirt
For the yoga dude who wears his heart on his sleeve, Spiritual Gangster offers a stylish way for him to profess his love of all things blissful both inside the studio and out. Made of soft and cozy cotton, this shirt is perfect for slipping on during savasana and then wearing out to the bar for a few apres practice pints.

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