Interview with Devin “Super Tramp” Graham

Devin Graham aka. DevinSuperTramp is one of the best YouTubers in the business and we got the chance to chat with him about his latest video.

Alec Soard: Coming out of film school, what type of video/film did you want to be working with?
Devin Graham:
 I have always been interested in making my own films from start to finish…I love the excitement and pressure of completely owning my work.

AS: What would be your dream project to work on?
 Someday I would love to work on a $200 million feature…Anyone hiring?

AS: How do you create the idea for most of your sequences going into a day of filming?
 It all comes pretty naturally. I like to see the environment that I am going to be filming in.

AS: How many guys/gals are typically involved behind the scenes of any given shoot?
 It depends on the location and what I am shooting. Sometimes I have four cameras rolling sometimes two…We like to make sure we are well covered with footage, especially when doing stunts because sometimes you only get a couple of shots at the action…So you get it right, or don’t get it. We usually get it right…Ha!

AS: For your lifestyle videos, about how long do you typically spend in the field and how much footage do you bring back to the editing suite?
This totally depends on the project…I mean you always want to have options in the edit bay…So, I always like to cover off the main storytelling beats and then shoot enough b-roll to add life and energy to the story.

AS: Explain how you force yourself to the get shots that no one else thinks of or would try?
 I just try to imagine what people may want to see…and think to myself…How can I get the audience inside the action…cameras and equipment can get into places that five years ago, they could not…So let your imagination go and have fun, and make the camera part of the storytelling.

AS: We would love to know what it is like working with companies such as Bear Naked and how they make what you do possible?
 Bear Naked was a lot of fun to work with. Sometimes I am out on my own, working on projects. It is great to have a partner like Bear Naked to help come up with some great ideas and work together on the execution of the overall idea…and then see it go live!

AS: This is your second time working with Bear Naked, tell us about your relationship with them as well as the #ChaseTheSun campaign?
 #ChaseTheSun is a killer idea. I have had a lot of fun on my last two shoots. So far, we have gone from orb bowling in the snow, to a giant hill in San Francisco for urban surfing. It is amazing how many people have seen the videos and have shared them with their friends. What’s next? Well, wait and see. We are always working on the next greatest idea.

Check out Devin’s latest video:


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