Onewheel: The Skateboard of the Future

On January 6, 2014, Kyle Doerksen started on a journey that has grown into the future of wheeled sports. On that day, he launched a Kickstarter for his invention: the Onewheel. By the end of that month, the project had earned $630,863 from its backers, more than six times its original goal. The huge support from fans for the cutting-edge conveyance stands as a testament to its appeal by the board sport community and global community at large.

The Onewheel combines the style and fun of a skateboard with the intelligence, speed, and maneuverability of a Segway (not to associate this new rad board with the gadget used almost exclusively by mall cops and tourists too lazy to walk but too healthy to ride in a mobility scooter).

In spite of the similarity of action at first glance, the Onewheel takes the balance and drive technology a lot further and practically eliminates the profile of its flux hub, giving the appearance of a traditional, unpowered wheel board. It also hearkens back to products of other board sports, such as the Indo Board, and some have said it gives the sensation of surfing to the rider.

Not only does the Onewheel improve on the design of skateboards, allowing off-road activity with its all-terrain wheel and preventing stoppage when encountering small obstacles, it perfects the electric skateboard designs of the past, giving it silent locomotion. Moreover, the Onewheel self-balances, keeping riders on their feet instead of chewing on pavement. Plus, the single-wheel design allows for tight turns that are only possible for the most advanced skateboarders. This makes it great for amateurs to use the vehicle for commuting or recreation. The Onewheel also allows users of varying abilities to customize its response through an app that works on both Android and iPhone devices.

The technology of this cutting-edge board continues to improve; it currently touts a top speed of 15 miles per hour, and its lithium ion phosphate battery only takes 20 minutes to charge and can carry the user over 6 miles on a single charge.

The perfect balance of style and usability, this invention is a game changer for commuter-style and off-road skateboarding. Onewheels can now be purchased on the open market at

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