Review: Atomic Haymaker Carbon 110 Ski Boots

Green, Black and Transparent
$675 MSRP

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On April 11, 2014
Last modified:May 16, 2014


A very high quality and high performance downhill boot for the advanced intermediate or expert skier. The Haymaker offers comfort, versatility and performance along with a modern stylish look.

Atomic’s new high-end Waymaker boots function just as good as they look.

The Guts
Atomic’s ASY Pro Liner has less padding on the inside where you need more of a sense of feel and more padding on the outside for comfort. The plastic wrap around the upper will help keep the liner’s shape and helps offer even more response.

The Shell
The Waymaker Carbon 110 has an ultra-stiff but super light carbon spine which transmits power and energy direct to your ski. This boot comes with Triad 7000 micro-adjustable aluminum buckles offering plenty of room for adjustments and a 50mm strap acting like an extra buckle to cinch the cuff down. The shell is part black, part transparent and part green.

It comes with a free-lock system enabling you to unlock the cuff, giving you 35 degrees of cuff mobility for hiking or skinning. This is a downhill skier’s boot, no question but can be used for trekking past that gate into the backcountry as well.

The Waymakers are so comfortable, I sometimes forget to unbuckle when stopping for a break and they are insulated so well I have stopped using the foot-warmers that became a requirement with my old boots. Now don’t get me wrong, these are ski boots and nothing feels better than taking them off at the end of the day but if properly fitted, you should have no problems.

Who Needs it
This is a stiff boot and as such transmits a lot of power to the ski. It is not a beginner’s boot and is recommended for advanced/ expert skiers who are looking for response along with performance.

Who it Fits
It has adjustments available to expand slightly so it can accommodate wider feet than most boots with these performance abilities. Adjustment bolts on each side afford double canting for those of us with leg and knee alignment problems

Replaceable toe and heel pads will extend the life of these boots if you- like most of us who must hike through the parking lots and villages-tend to wear out these parts. The Din grip pads can be replaced with touring pads so as to allow these boots to be used with all bindings. Extra grips on the soles, especially on the arch allow better traction when hiking up that ridgeline.

This is an excellent boot for the expert or intermediate to expert skier. Have your shop tech adjust them if you have wider feet as this boot does have tech soles available and is designed to fit medium to wide feet. It is a high performance boot, a bit stiffer than some but if that’s what you require, this will fit you perfectly.

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