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On June 9, 2014
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These shorts are great for all sorts of activities or even just lounging around the house. Unfortunately, they cost a pretty penny.



Functionality ★★★★
The Ecōths Humboldt Shorts are extremely comfortable and well built. They are made with 54% Ramie, 44% Organic Cotton, and 2% Spandex. This means that they you can do anything including sport climbing in these shorts. Ecōths has a program where every time someone buys an article of clothing from them, they provide 3 meals to someone in need, which is a great service considering over 50 million Americans go to bed hungry every night.

Design and Aesthetics 
While these shorts are designed to be outdoors and active, they’re just so dang comfortable that you might find yourself just wearing them all the time, no matter what you’re doing. Since they are made with 2% spandex, they are stretchy where they need to be so if you have to stretch to reach the next hold or just to pick up the remote off the floor, you don’t have to worry about your pants ripping open. 

The Humboldt Shorts are made with 54% Ramie which is a fabric that is very durable. Tests have shown that it is 7 times stronger than silk and 8 times stronger than cotton. Ramie is some tough stuff. On top of the super strong Ramie fabric, there is spandex woven in to the shorts which makes them stretch. This doesn’t mean that they’re skin-tight and rubbery though, the spandex only allows them to stretch a tiny bit, but just enough to matter.

Unfortunately, the Humboldt Shorts aren’t exactly cheap. They come in at just under $70 and this is a lot to pay for a pair of shorts. But then you realize that when you buy the shorts from Ecōths, you’re not just paying for a pair of shorts, you’re paying for someone’s food for the day as well. If this is something that is important to you, then these shorts are a great investment and they are a great pair of shorts.

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