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On August 26, 2014
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Overall, this 485 gram hammock packs a punch. It's versatile, easy to use, quick drying, and has become an essential part of my day-trip gear.

Hammocks have grown in popularity over the last few years. I own three hammocks, each with their own speciality uses. The Hammock Bliss Single is my most versatile and favorite hammock in the bunch.

Travel – Sized
Weighing in at 485 grams, carrying this hammock is like carrying a cloud. I strolled along a beach with it in my hand in Bocas Del Toro, Panama, and was stopped numerous times by beach-goers asking me if what I was carrying. They were surprised to find out it was a hammock and jealous once I had it strung up between two palms.

It measures 4 feet, 11 inches by 9 feet, 10 inches (150 cm x 300 cm). Once it’s stuffed in it’s 8 x 10 inch sack I never ask the question, “Do I have room for this hammock?” It goes with me everywhere. I have even set it up between two cars (mine and my friend’s) securing it to the handles. I ‘ve seen people secure the hammock to rock formations and pier logs, your creativity is the limit. Make sure to learn a quick release knot. Otherwise, breaking down is a complete nightmare. The rope is very efficient with tension, securing itself ever so tight. With a quick release knot, you’ll have no problem.

Because of it’s size and weight it makes a great hiking hammock. When you’re ready for a break you can lift your aching feet, and let gravity suspend you in a delightful, supportive, way.

Quick Drying, Easy to Wash
I use this hammock at the beach, lake, and river. I love that I don’t have to worry about hopping in with a wet swim suit. My other hammocks are cloth and would take forever to dry. This hammock is nylon, constructed with the same material parachutes are made out of (which explains why they are so light). If you’re super wet the water will gather a bit at the bottom. One you get up, simply empty tilt the hammock and the wind and sun quickly dry it.

Salt-water, mold (from being stuffed when it’s still wet), or generalized dirt poses no problem for this hammock. You can either hose it down and hand wash it or let the washer machine do the work. While Hammock Bliss states the hammock may be placed in the dryer, I wouldn’t recommend it, instead, hang dry.

Built in Rope, Easy to Install
No carabiner necessary, this hammock comes installed with 100” of rope per side for easy use. Once the hammock is hung, the stuff sack serves as a handy pouch for keys, your phone, a flash-light, or other device you’d like quick access to.

The biggest downfall for this product is the structures you choose to hang the hammock between must be a specific distance apart with a small margin of variability. You can always carry more rope to solve this issue but I choose to keep it light and deal with the restrictions.

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