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On February 4, 2015
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If you’re sick of your regular sports bras leaving you wet, cold, and sweaty on your wintertime outdoor expeditions, it’s time to invest in a merino wool bra. You won’t find anything better than Icebreaker’s Sprite Racerback Bra.

sprite-racerbackFunctionality: ★★★★★
My old running and yoga sports bras just weren’t cutting it on my winter mountain adventures. Despite being made from so-called sweat wicking fabrics, they clung onto moisture, leaving me wet and cold after hikes or particularly aggressive powder runs. I sought out a sports bra made of merino wool, my fabric of choice for my other base layers, and came across Icebreaker’s Sprite Racerback Bra. It fits like a glove, doesn’t chafe a single bit, holds things in place, and—hallelujah—stays nice and dry, no matter what.

Design and Aesthetics: ★★★★
The Sprite Racerback offers plenty of coverage for small to medium chests, though it might dip a little low for active women with larger chests. It has a flattering fit but, more importantly, it’s invisible under your other layers—no extra fabric bits, bumps, or other stuff to get in the way. The colors are fun (particularly the neon blue and neon purple models), but it would be nice to have generic black and white options, too.

Durability: ★★★★★
Icebreaker is known for producing high quality products that last forever. I’ve worn the Sprite Racerback on back-to-back days where in-between washes weren’t an option, and it hasn’t suffered in the least. When it does come time to wash, it couldn’t be easier: simply pop it in the washing machine and hang it out to dry.

Value: ★★★★
You can’t put a price on comfort in the outdoors but if you had to, $49.99 would be a more-than-reasonable figure. The price point is on par with other high performance sports bras, but the Sprite Racerback offers something others do not—the merino wool lycra blend factor. Considering you only need a pair or two and they’ll last eons, the value is definitely there.ss15

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