Ryders FYRE Technology and Anti Fog – Still Hard to Fog

The deal between Essilor (makers of Costa and such) and Luxottica (think Ray Ban) has been in the works since 2013 and is finally coming to fruition. One interesting outcome is that this new eyewear giant seems to be taking a divide and conquer approach to the outdoor world from a branding perspective. Costa seems to be emerging as the definitive saltwater brand, Native Eyewear owns the freshwater and mountains, and Ryders gets the mountain bike junkies.

Despite the merger and divvying up of brands, Ryder still seems to have kept proprietorship of its FYRE lens technology. FYRE combines the extreme impact resistance of their NXT Lens with the color-changing magic of their Varia lens. They’re designed so when sunlight changes, the lenses portray color more accurately versus just getting dark. In other words, it’ll help you be better at biking.

Add to that the incredible anti-fog capabilities that Ryders is known for. One of my colleagues got to head to Press Camp in Deer Valley Utah and tried on some of the 2018 collection. In one hand, he had another high performance brand of sunglasses while in the other hand was a pair of Ryders. Basically the goal was to fog the Ryders with this breath which he couldn’t do, and of course the other pair fogged up immediately.

I look forward to seeing what new features the BC based team of forward-thinkers will introduce in the coming years.

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