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Ladies Ski Boots:
Michael Ryan

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On April 30, 2014
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An all-mountain and all terrain boot with comfort, performance and versatility.

The Salomon X-pro 80 is a ladies boot with a bad attitude. Yes, The Wife’s boots look meaner than mine which is fitting because once on the mountain, she scares the heck out of me.

This Beauty is a Beast
The shell is a fierce looking flat black and the silver and chrome on the buckles make it look ready for warfare. The X-PRO Boots have a white bottom on the heel and toe, along with a white liner which just helps accentuate the Bad-girl attitude.

Tech Stuff 
The X-PRO has all sorts of technical specs I should know the meaning of like; BI-material PU liner shell and upper cuff, a Twin-frame Shell along with 4 Micro aluminum buckles. These boots have a tool-free catch adjustment and a screw flex adjuster along with heel and toe removable DIN pads. Just suffice it to say, if you tell your boot tech at the store where they hurt, he can adjust them.

Solomon advertises these boots as having, “All mountain performance and all day comfort.” After most of a season using them the Wife seems to agree. This is a woman specific fit, (no, not that kind of fit) with a calf adjuster designed just for them. They also advertise them as “Step in Step out,” but I really don’t see any other way to use them.

They come with back support and flex management systems and as previously mentioned: removable heel and toe DIN pads for different bindings. With the calf adjuster and micro aluminum buckles, along with a 35mm strap there are plenty of options for adjustments.

Besides looking great, these boots offer plenty of options to insure comfort. The liner is very warm, making foot warmers un-necessary except for the coldest days, or in The Wife’s case, the coldest feet. They seem to transfer power and control well to the ski and add stability underfoot. Not only does she ski like a mad-women on the slopes, from the calf down she reminds me of Mad Max on snow.

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