Review: Volkl 100Eight All Mountain Skis


The 100 Eights have a super thin edge that will fool you with its stability. The raised ridge down the center adds plenty of stability and control. The thin edges reduce the weight to make this a ski you can throw around. The 100 Eights are light enough for the bumps yet stable for flat out cruising. They jump up and float well in powder yet have no chatter when flying down hard crusted cruisers. The lighter weight may account for the ease with which these boards drove me down the hill. I skied on Volkl’s newest addition to their All Mountain Freeski line at Copper Mountain when conditions ranged all over the chart. I flew down icy steeps and busted through hard crud with similar ease. They popped me right up in powder and stayed up. I was definitely surprised as you will be at the sturdiness of these skinny edged skis. They don’t look it with those thin edges but they are surprisingly versatile and live up to their All Mountain category.

Design and Aesthetics
Volkl’s new 100 Eight skis have a 3d Ridge construction allowing for skinnier sides with a supporting ridge down the middle. These All-Mountain skis have a multi-layered wood core with tapered tips. This is a fully rockered ski with a flat tail and a width of 108 mm underfoot. The 100 Eights come in lengths of 173, 181 and 189 mm. All the skis have a shape of 141-108-124 mm making this a shaped ski that performs exceptionally well. They come with modern looking graphics of diagonal lines in blacks, greens and whites.

It would be hard to attest to durability as this is a new ski, just out this year. The 100 Eights seemed to bend well in the bumps, which is one place where boards seem to get broken. Volkl is known for quality and I have had one pair of Volkls for 10 years and still use them occasionally as rock skis to this day.

With an MSRP of $699 this is not a cheap ski by any means. If you want true all Mountain quality though, it is right in the range I would expect to pay. It is a versatile ski so you don’t need a quiver full to fulfill all your alpine needs.

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Michael Ryan

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