10 Awesome and Inspirational Outdoor Videos

inspiratinoalA little outdoor inspiration can go a long way. And in this digital age there are many outlets to find that little extra push to get us outdoors. Spread across the web-o-sphere are thousands of outdoor oriented videos, from shaky go-pros of the weekend warrior to well financed features, there’s a lot of content floating around. And here for you today, amongst the waves of outdoor features, are 10 of those well financed films to give you a little inspiration to go explore: 

This is Backcountry
“When you’re ready suck the bloody marrow out of the bone we call life, we’re ready for you.”

Backcountry.com put this awesome video out a couple years ago which features great adventure rhetoric, eye-popping footage, and enough motivation to make you want to quick your day job.

JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.)

JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.) from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

The world lost two of its great skiers in 2014 when JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson perished in an avalanche in South America. Leaving behind them is a legacy of innovated freestyle skiing and legions of fans who mourn the loss. This video is a sampling of the kind of innovative freestyle skiing JP Auclair gave to the sport.

National Geographic: Rock Climbing in Oman
“I’ve had to expand the boundaries of what I thought was reasonable to climb  without a rope.”

Join Mark Synnot, Alex Honnold, and Hazel Findlay as they explore the remote cliff sides of Oman in search of some premiere deep-water solo-climbing. If you are unfamiliar with this type of climbing, watch the video and check it out.

If Only Every Mountain Biking Video Was Shot Like This – Afrojacks
“We just go out there and build whatever we can think of”

The title says it all for this mountain biking video. Follow four professional bikers as they tear through berms, fly off of ramps, and seemingly intermingle with each other on this awesomely built mountain biking course.

ASICS Made of Sport: I Am Made of Blazing Trails Not Following Paths
“To those who think it’s crazy, I say nothing is crazy if you are well prepared”

Asics has a whole line of inspirational trail running videos, and this is just one of them featuring Emmanuel Gault the 2011 CCC Mont-Blanc winner. Full of great shots and subtitled words to live by, this video could give you the inspiration to go make your dreams come true.

One of These Days Pt. 2 – Candide Thovex
Candide Thovex might be the Ski Patrol’s worst nightmare. Check out this video of just an ordinary day for professional skier Candide Thovex on his hometown mountain of Val Blanc in France. Full of spins, jumps, tree routes, and a special surprise ending, this video may induce a slight motion sickness but it will give you the first-hand view of a day in the life of a professional skier.

On Assignment

On Assignment from renan ozturk on Vimeo.

“Yosemite is the epicenter of climbing”

Yosemite has recently gotten some more press with Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson’s first free climb of the Dawn Wall. This video, shot 3 years ago features one of the sport’s most famous photographers Jimmy Chin as he documents the duos preliminary scouting of the now famous climb.

Red Bull Rampage from Start to Finish
“He is basically saying he wants to flip that thing, and we’re like, “man I don’t even know if I want to jump it.”

Red Bull Rampage will get your heart racing by just watching the video. The pinnacle of free ride mountain biking, this video is full of big gaps, a major backflip, and a storyline to go alongside it.

Living on Ice

Ben Saunders – Living on Ice from Ben Saunders on Vimeo.

“I’ve become pretty obsessive about saving weight anyway I can”

Check out Ben Saunders as he attempts to solo and unsupported trek across the North Pole. Watch the amazing way he cuts weight and prepares for this epic trek, showing that with most adventures, the real work comes in preparing for your trip.

The Pacific Crest Trail (Three Second Thru-Hike)

The Pacific Crest Trail (Three Second Thru-Hike) from Halfway Anywhere on Vimeo.

This is the perfect video to put on the corner monitor and repeat all day. That’s because this 7-minute video chronicles the entire thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. Follow along as this hiker visits some of the most scenic spots from the John Muir Trail to the high alpine valleys of Central Washington. Great for some inspiration, this video is just further encouragement to hike the PCT yourself.

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