10 Awesome Crowdfunding Projects to Invest In This November

Crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo represent a consumer’s economy, where the community decides on which products, projects, and new ideas to invest in. There are a lot of new innovations that pour through these sites, ranging from new takes on old tripods to the perfect snow jump maker, and with all of these options to choose from, it can be hard finding the right project for you to invest in. With a little help however, finding awesome new inventions is only a click away, and here for you today, to make sure you are spending your dollar wisely, here are 10 awesome outdoor related crowdfunding projects to check out for the rest of November:



The Kicker Tool: Build Better Jumps


Part shovel, part rake, The Kicker Tool is the best resource on the market for building the perfect snowboard or ski jump. Whether you trek it up the side of the mountain to set up scenes for the next Warren Miller special, or you want to build a fun jump for the kids in the backyard, The Kicker Tool is the right implement for you. Built with the compact design and efficiency of an avalanche shovel, with the ruggedness and functionality of an aluminum rake, The Kicker Tool will soon be a common sight for every snow-seeker on this side of the mountain.


Tom Frost Documentary


Be among the ranks of famous climbers like Yvon Chouinard, Alex Honnold, Lynn Hill, Tommy Caldwell and a whole gaggle of other athletes as they talk about and celebrate a life of a personal icon of theirs, Tom Frost. An engineer, artists, and conservationist, Tom Frost was an inspiration for everyone that has ever pulled a carabineer up to the next bolt, and this documentary project that is seeking 100% community funding is trying to celebrate this rock icon.


The Super Fleece Blanket by Rumpl: The Perfect Blanket for Your Bed


What if you could have a blanket for your bed that was made out of the same material as your technical jackets and outerwear? Something that is stain resistant, easy to wash, and insulating without all the weight? Two years ago Rumpl bridged that connection by making a technical down blanket, and now they are back at it with the Super Fleece Blanket, which by its very nature was born with the outdoors with an emphasis on comfort.


It’s a New Way to Brew – It’s American Press


Born in Chicago and raised in Detroit, the American Press is a coffee press without the mess. Intended to deliver the hands-on and delicious experience involved with a French press, the American Press comes with a new twist, containing all the spent coffee grounds into one accessible chamber that allows for quick and cleanly dumping. Sure to be a hit at your neighborhood coffee bars or as your backcountry brewer of choice, you can get yours before it hits the shelves.


MorfBoard: Turning Fitness into Fun


For some, finding the time for fitness can be a chore left off the to-do list, but for those who own the MorfBoard, fitness becomes the best part of your day. That’s because the MorfBoard is a multi-transitional tool that is not only fun to use, but it also gives you the best kind of exercise money can buy, that kind that you want do. Part balance board, part skateboard, the MorfBoard lives up to its name and provides users with multiple ways to play.


A Premier Rock Climbing Gym for Kalispell Montana

Help the town of Kalispell, Montana build a premier rock climbing gym in the heart of the city. A great place to find some exercise, a climbing gym can really help any community attain the health and active lifestyle that results in bright futures and strong muscles. Kalispell has taken the initiative to put their climbing gym’s hopes and dreams to the community, asking for some help to get to the top of their routes.


Omnipod – Any Camera, Every Moment


The Omnipod will forever change the way you think about ancient tripod technology. This carbon fiber-based tripod sets up for every camera you own and allows you to shoot in any fashion you can imagine. From Go Pros down low to walking cinematography frames, with a few clicks and snaps of the legs you can transform The Omnipod into any tool you need, including a monopod for those selfie-stick users out there, making the Omnipod the soon to be must-have for any avid outdoor photographer.



2041: Antarctica Expedition for Sustainable Future


With a little donation from your wallet, you can help send Harshit, an engineer who also has his masters in Biological Life Sciences, to Robert Swan’s 2041: Antarctica Expedition and Leadership on the Edge program that takes place in March 2016. Harshit is ambitious about the future and the protection of its environment and how you can come into play is asking yourself, will you be one of the people to help him succeed?


Iceland and its Magical Northern Lights

With a $6 investment you can help one Kickstarter patron photograph the northern lights in Iceland, and in return you can receive a personal postcard that captures the essence and ambiance of this photography mission. If you’re not sure whether the qualifications of this intrepid explorer, check out her previous work and see for yourself the beauty of the northern lights she has already managed to capture.


The MessageBottle


The MessageBottle is one company’s ambition to eliminate waste that comes from disposable water bottles and bring attention to other social causes you can stand behind. Built by a crowd sourced design competition, not only does the MessageBottle deliver when it comes to sustainable manufacturing, but every inch was considered for your drinking satisfaction.

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