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Just when you thought technology could not advance beyond tablets and smartphones, genius minds have learned how to integrate technology with sport gear. No longer do skiers need to strap a camera to their helmet, but shortcut to a push of a button on their ski goggles. Camera ski goggles are the new and innovative way to capture runs even during the snowiest weather. Get ready to click play, in style, without worries of carrying and breaking yet another handheld or helmet camera.

Zeal HD Camera Goggle
If seeking function and fashion, look no further than the Zeal HD Camera Goggle. These goggles capture 1080 and 720HD video and 12-megapixel HD photos and use a 170-degree wide-angle lens. The goggles are anti-fog infused and provide 100% UV protection. The high-density lens and impact resistant frame technology protects the goggles even during the toughest wipeouts. Plus the sleek no-bezel look will give the wearer some serious style points.

Liquid Image APEX HD
This 135-degree wide-angle lens snaps 1080 or 720 HD video while capturing the best of 12-megapixel photographs. These goggles are water resistant to withstand the rain, sleet or snow, or the accidental scuba mask mix-up. The product includes two anti-fog, 100% UV protected lens, one 338 white and one 338 black lens. 

Liquid Image Torque HD + WiFi
The Torque HD goggle captures 1080 or 720 HD video, and thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi, skiers stream live to Smartphones and tablets. Skiers will require the Model 659 – Torque Snow Cross Clear Lens to keep eyes protected amidst the snowy glare. This lens is 100% UV protected, contains anti-fog treatment and has an Iridium lens coating for accurate light transmission.  The goggles capture 12 megapixel images and have access to 135 degrees wide-angle camera lens. The lithium battery lasts 1.5-2 hours of persistent shooting.

Cyclops Gear 1080p Avalanche Series Snow Goggles
Take a look at the mountain in a whole new view with these snow goggles. These durable and impact resistant goggles hold up even in the worst of weather thanks to its impact resistance technology and anti-fog optical lexan material duel layered lens. With 136-degrees of wide-angle lens, capture 1080 or 720 HD video or snap a 12-megapixel photograph. Even if your run is choppy, the image stabilization technology keeps the video running smooth and clean, just like your ideal run.


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