10 Backpacking Stoves to Use on Your Next Adventure

backpackstoveOne of the essential items to have while backpacking or venturing into the backcountry is a method to cook your food. Camp fires and weenies will only get you so far, and between the experienced camper and new beginner, a solid backpacking stove is needed. The market is deep for backpacking stoves and each product varies between weight, size, fuel, and desired needs. And here for today, to show you some backpacking stove options, are 10 backpacking stoves for your consideration:

Jetboil Flash$99.951The Jetboil Flash is a true and tested quality backpacking stove. With a secure system and easy to use ignition switch, the Jetboil serves those campers best who are just looking to heat up some water. And whether it’s for coffee or cocoa, or freeze dried meals, the Jetboil gets 2 cups of water boiling in 2 minutes making it not only one of the safest stoves, but also one of the fastest.

BioLite CampStove$129.952The Biolite Campstove is a good example of emerging technology finding its way into the campsite. That’s because alongside this wood burning camp stove is a thermoelectric generator that takes some of your heat and converts it to usable energy. That means alongside your weenie roasting or pan cooking you can charge your Bluetooth speaker and bust out the jams, making this one versatile stove.

Esbit Solid Fuel Cook Stove—$29.953This lightweight cook set is a good option for minimalist backpackers, high-altitude mountaineers, and your average weekend warrior. Weighing in at 200 grams, it’s a pretty simple system that pairs nicely with Esbit Solid Fuel Tablets, which work great as heat producers in high altitude and windy conditions. The simplicity of this stove lends to its capabilities to only boil water, and being not so ideal to cook that goulash you like to pack.

MSR PocketRocket$39.954The MSR PocketRocket is one of the most tried and trusted backpacking stoves around. With a pack weight of 119 grams, a boil time of 3.5 minutes, and easy to repair capabilities, the MSR PocketRocket won’t steer you wrong in the backcountry.  Fit it in your pocket, place it in the brain, on top of everything else, the PocketRocket is also one of the most compact stoves out there.

Primus ETA Express$129.95Eta Express 1The Primus ETA Express is one of the most stylish and well-designed stoves on the market. Everything that went into its production was aimed towards the usability and storage of the stove, including the compact way it fits together when not in use, the magnetic wind screen, and the easy to click starter that makes cooking the easiest thing you’ll do all night. Included with the Primus ETA Express is the pot and cup to drink out of, making it a nearly complete package minus the spork.

Vargo Hexagon Wood Stove$59.956Without the weight of carrying fuel and backup fuel, the hexagon wood stove at 116 ounces comes in as one of the lightest stove methods on the market (and not to mention it folds completely flat). Using only combustible materials (wood), the hexagon wood stove requires basic fire skills but provides an efficient way to utilize dry timber in your area for all of your cooking needs.

Optimus Vega$94.957The Optimus Vega somewhat resembles its mechanical brother of the same name, Optimus Prime, and illustrates the simple designs that provide the best results. The Optimus Prime has a slim profile, making for an ultra-stable cook system, but the best part of its design is the 4 season capabilities. In cold weather or for a fast boil, the Optimus Vega is made to hold the fuel canister upside down for maximum flow of fuel. And for warm weather or a maximum efficiency flame, just flip the fuel canister back upright.

Solo Stove Titan$69.998The Solo Stove is another wood burning stove that requires no additional fuel to be carried, and represents the easy way that dry tinder and twigs can be used to cook efficiently. Using a gasification and secondary combustion process, the Solo Stove keeps your fire breathing and burning for an optimal burn. Great for boiling hot water and emergency situations, the Solo Stove also comes in three different sizes.

Caldera Cone System + Gram Cracker Fuel Kit$34.95, $14.959aA great lightweight way to go, the Caldera Cone System utilizes the Gram Cracker Fuel Tabs (and other similar products) to efficiently soak up every list bit of BTU from whatever fuel you use. That’s because with the cone shape no wind is disturbing your flame, and the lack of a need for a pot holder due to its design, no heat is lost in the transfer to your water container. And with a flat profile when all packed up, this is a great option for every camper.

Tin Can Stove –DIY10If you find yourself in a pinch, or want a cool little contraption to impress your friends, look no further than the DIY camp stove utilizing only tin cans you can find in the trash. When you’re done assembling, throw in your dry timber and fuel and watch your food cook and water boil in no time.  To see an instructional video on how to make one of these tin can stoves, check out this Tin Can Stove YouTube video.

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