17 Amazing Outdoor Companies in Utah


With 5 National Parks, 43 State Parks, dozens of ski resorts, and a diverse landscape that can make you feel like you’re on a different planet, Utah is every outdoor person’s dream state. Red rocks, dinosaur footprints, and sandstone spires make up some of the background in Utah, and between all this rugged land and high potential for outdoor sport, a high number of amazing outdoor companies spring from the rocks of Utah. And whether you are considering making a career change, or wanting to see some of the cool stuff coming out of Beehive State, here for you today is just a sampling with 17 amazing outdoor companies in the state of Utah:


AceCamp- Salt Lake City

Ace Camp is on a mission to deliver gear to outdoor enthusiasts that becomes the catalyst to get them out into the great unknown. They have designed trekking poles, sleeping bags, and cooking accesories to inspire your confidence in the outdoors. Ace Camp believes that the experience is everything, and they’re here to make it easier for you to have unforgettable adventures.


Altra Footwear – Logan

Born from one runner’s desire to have better shoes and fewer blisters, Altra specifically designs running shoes to fit the runner, not the masses. With innovative technology like the Footshape Toebox and the Fit4Her technology, Altra makes sure that your shoes never give out before you do.


Backcountry – Salt Lake City
Founded in 1996 by a couple of frontiersman in a Park City garage, Backcountry has quickly grown to be one of the leading suppliers of gear and adventure motivation in this digital age. And with a huge selection of outdoor gear, from a multitude of well-respected brands, the main Backcountry site can be your one stop shop for all of your adventure needs.



Black Diamond Equipment – Salt Lake City

Black Diamond has been a reliable brand since 1989. Their goal is to spend as much time climbing and skiing as possible, and to do that, they make gear that is trustworthy, innovative, and keeps you on the wall or on the slopes as long as you can be. At the end of the day, Black Diamond loves the send, and they think it would be  cool if you did too.


Chums- West Valley City, UT

The Chums classic eyewear retainer was born in the back of a VW Van parked in a boathouse parking lot. Since then they have grown to make wallets and other accesories, while perfecting the retainer that has saved every outdoorsman’s favorite sunglasses more than a few times. At Chums, they have a love for the outdoors and a passion for helping you hang on to the gear you use the most.


Coalatree- Salt Lake City

Coalatree makes eco-minded gear and apparel for the everyday adventurer. They know that your life is split between the outdoors and city life, and Coalatree products merge your two worlds together. Whether you’re summiting the tallest peaks or lounging around town with friends, Coalatree products make you ready for anything.


Cotopaxi- Salt Lake City

Cotopaxi would like to change the world. They believe that the best way to do that is to design gear that is funky and recycled, and that always goes beyond the product itself. They design gear that empowers people, builds lasting relatiionships, and gives back to those who make their gear, the people who sell their gear, and the people who buy their gear. They are focused on a vision much bigger than themselves which makes they insanely fun and colorful products carry a greater message of change in the outdoor industry.


Goal Zero – Bluffdale

The reason we support Goal Zero is becuase they one of the coolest goals out there: to empower people with a bright, safe, connected, and sustainable future by delivering smart, portable power solutions designed for everyone, everywhere. They specialize in portable power and solar panel products that not only bring power to remote locations, but into the hands of the impoverished.


gregoryGregory Mountain Products – Salt Lake City
Gregory Packs lives life balancing the daily with the dream. They make gear that is functional and durable while designed for any adventure that could come your way. As a team, Gregory lives the dirtbag life, balancing hours at the office and making time for the outdoors, sending lots of emails, searching for new trails to get on, and engineering the best packs for their customers, while using the trail as a test field. In short, the team at Gregory designs packs for people just like you, because at the end of the day, they’re just like you.


Klymit – Ogden
Klymit is a brand that is passionate about the outdoors, but more specifically about sleeping outside. They believe that a night outside with the right gear can outdo a night at home any day of the year, and they make gear to help you believe it too.



kuhlKühl – Salt Lake City
KÜHL’s focus is on the product. They don’t care much about logos, but they set out to demonstrate how original ideas lead to creating the best outdoor lifestyle clothing. KÜHL was born in the mountain culture and continues to provide like-minded enthusiasts with the finest quality outdoor clothing available.



libertyLiberty Mountain – Sandy
If you have ever worked in or shopped at a local outdoor retailer, chances are you’ve seen the Liberty Mountain catalogue lying around somewhere. That’s because this wholesale giant  is one of the largest distributers of outdoor equipment in the U.S. With an extremly diverse product line, Liberty Mountain carries literally almost everything you would ever need in an outdoor environment.


Lizard Skins- American Fork

Lizard Skins makes grips, gloves, and tape for road biking, mountain biking, BMX, lacrosse, baseball, and hockey. They know how much time you put into your sport, so they put the time into making quality products.



Lone Peak Packs- Salt Lake City

Lone Peak has been making some of the best bicycle bags out there since 1979. That’s enough time for them to understand that sometimes it’s not crazy to have separation anxiety from your bike. With Lone Peak Packs, your bike can be fitted with enough gear to ensure that no distance is too big for you and your bike. And with features like rain proof liners, you’ll never have to suffer through such thing as an unbikeable day again. Born and raised in Utah, Lone Peak now has headquarters in Washington.


petzlPetzel – West Valley City
Another huge name in the outdoor industry, Petzel is an international outdoor company that didn’t originate in Utah, but whose U.S. headquarters have recently been located in West Valley City. Petzel’s story starts underground when founder Fernand Petzl began sharing his interest in cave exploration in France. Petzel products built upon experience in the field soon started to hit the shelves and it’s been a success story ever since.



probarPROBAR – Salt Lake City
PROBAR is quickly making a move to become a big name in the nutrition bar game, and with a delicious selection of bite-size snacks, quick fueling energy aids, and meal replacement bars, they are filling out every outdoors person’s pantry quite nicely. And what’s more, not only are these adventure-ready nutrition bars tasty for the pallet, but with verified Non-GMO and Organic practices, PROBAR is aiming to encourage the whole food movement and give your body what it needs for its next big adventure.


qbpQuality Bike Parts – Ogden
Quality Bike Parts are on a mission to get everyone’s butt on a bike. And not only does QBP supply a lot of the parts, but in lieu with their friendly and health conscious consumers they strive hard to strengthen the bike economy with advocacy and bike coalitions in and around the community.



Contributions made by Brad Lane






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