10 Sweet Kickstarters for April

In round two of our monthly round-up, let’s check out what kind of cool projects are up for funding heading into Spring.

The Deuce of Spades Outdoor Latrine Trowel
It’s been a pretty harsh winter for most of the country, so kicking off April’s roundup on a scatological note seems fairly appropriate. The Deuce of Spades is an ultra-light, super portable, and incredibly strong (for its size) trowel used to cover up one of life’s most unfortunate necessary messes while on the trail. Made from aluminum, it weighs about the same amount as three quarters, or one section of a medium-sized orange. So, in terms of pack ergonomics, it’s basically nil in the weight department. If you want in on this one, you’ll need to act fast, as the campaign ends on April 8th. The good news is that it has already been fully funded, so you can get this great product for the backer price of $15, whereas retail will be somewhere around $22-$24.

The Elevated Movement Hammocks
Well, here’s a idea: recycled fabric hammocks. When we say “recycled fabric,” that doesn’t mean they’ve been made from somebody’s neighbor’s dirty drawers. Instead of regular retail hammocks that use non-renewable resources in manufacturing, the folks behind The Elevated Movement figure that “if you can, why wouldn’t you?” They claim that using recycled fabric also uses less than half the energy as producing a hammock from scratch. To boot, for every hammock sold, these guys will improve your hammock-hanging spot options by planting two trees. The campaign runs until April 28th, and rewards range from “pay-it-forward” cards to a sit-down meeting with one of their designers to fashion your very own, custom hammock.

Aesent Inflatable Base Tents
This one is really great. It’s basically a durable, high-quality tent with an air mattress built-in to the bottom. If you’ve ever slept on an air mattress and just read that brief description, the first thing that undoubtedly just ran through your head was “yeah, but what happens when I accidentally punch a hole in the air mattress?” Fear not, clumsy camper. The material used is a significantly tougher variety of vinyl. For those concerned about weight and room on their pack, the air mattress component can be attached via a zipper attachment, making it lighter and simpler to put up. In order for this campaign to be successful, it must be funded by April 18th. Back this project, and get rewards ranging from a pat on the back, brand apparel, and deep discounts on the tents to a trip for two to Moab, Utah to check out some of the awesome National lands in the area. Very cool rewards for a very cool product. Here’s hoping this one gets funded.

IceTee Cooling Shirts
We’ve all seen and most likely used moisture-wicking clothing. The IceTee adds a super cool component to that concept, literally. They can be equipped with cooling gel packs that keep folks feeling cool and composed in the heat of battle. Even if you’re not a super active person, how many times have you wanted a quick cool-off in the middle of summer, anyhow? Well, here you go. Fund these ladies by April 23rd, and depending on your pledge level, receive a pat on the back, free IceTee swag, free IceTees, cooling gel packs, and a huge combination of all of the above.

XBand Speed Pro
Every active person hasdownloaded and used or still uses a fitness app on their smartphone. The XBand takes performance tracking to new level. Using all kinds of fancy gadgetry that will sound like gobblety-goop if we try to explain it, it all kinds of progress like your maximum speed, how fast you ran a route, rounded bases, and a multitude of other statistics. It straps to your arm like any other smartphone arm strap, and the results can be downloaded to an app or to your PC. The developers claim that it replaces the need for expensive trainers and coaches, thus leveling the playing field for aspiring athletes of all incomes and abilities. It’s a pretty neat idea, really. Fund this project by May 7th and get rewards like the ever-generous pat on the back, some brand apparel, credit as a partner, and free equipment.

Treble Hammock & Element Shield
Look, we know we already covered a hammock. This thing is sweet, though. A lightweight, durable hammock with a triangular configuration that includes a cover that goes over the top of the hammock. With the shield, you can effectively turn your hammock into a hanging tent until that sudden downpour or oddly bear-sounding roar in distance subsides. On top of that, it just looks super cool. Fund these guys buy April 17th, and get…yep…free stuff from bags to the whole system.

The Allo Speaker-Bike Mount Combo
You know all those folks you tell you to “put your damn phone down?” Well, forget those people. With this nifty little gadget, you can hit the open road and experience the same hands-free smartphone experience that automobilists enjoy. It’s reall a pretty straightforward, great idea for avid cyclists. Hurry up and back them by April 13th, and enjoy rewards that range from stickers and other cool bike accessories to lunch with the inventor and a bike. More than your average reward!

StandUp Paddle Glow
Another one of those very simple, practical “why didn’t I think of that?” kind of projects, the StandUp Paddle Glow is basically a light that goes on a stand up paddleboard paddle so that falling darkness doesn’t have to leave you high and dry. Fund this project by April 24th and get rewards ranging from various swag like stickers, tshirts, and the paddles themselves to a night paddling excursion for four in Bend, Oregon. Gotta love the “hey come try out the product and have a beer with us” rewards. They’re the beauty of Kickstarter.

MyTask iPhone Case/Bike Tool
Yeah, you read that right. Look, it’s become readily apparent that smartphones have become our second brains. We take them everywhere and store pretty much every piece of our vital information on them. So, if you’re an avid cyclist, why not have a case for said smartphone that is also a storage for the tools you’ll need for a quick repair if you find yourself in a sticky situation? This case is designed to take a beating and features everything from a screwdriver to a touch screen stylus.The cases are customizable to hold a myriad of different accessories. Think of it as a modern-day cyclist’s Swiss Army phone case. Rewards are pretty cool, as well. You’ll get anything from stickers, bags, and the actual product to an opportunity to join the team to help design the next line of MyTasks. Fund these guys by Aprill 22nd.

Goverre Portable Wine Glasses
Finally oenophiles, drink in public and do it discreetly. This durable, discreetly, stemless wine glass looks just about like any other tumbler. Little do your annoying neighbors at that backyard BBQ or at your campsite know, but you’re aiding the tuning-out process with your favorite vino. The creators apparently got tired of sneaking around and drinking wine out of water bottles, coffee mugs, and red plastic cups. They wanted to add a little class to their experience while maintaining the no-shattered-glass convenience of not lugging around a delicate wine galss everywhere. Fund these ladies by May 15th and get rewards including the some stickers, the product at deep discounts, and the top tier backers will enjoy a day with the developers touring some of Cali’s finest wineries or even an invitation to join the developers in the design and production of a custom designed Goverre, made just for you. Pretty neat stuff, here.

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