Ask Gearographer; Sleeping Bag Nudity?

Dear Geographer,

I saw on a movie once that it’s easier to stay warm in a sleeping bag if you shed your clothes and go two-to-a-bag. Is that true? And if so, do you think it’s a worthwhile pickup strategy to get a little action on the trail?

–One Is The Loneliest Camper


Dear One,

Oh boy, where to start…yes, body heat from another person can often keep you warmer than clothing or layering alone and it is radiated and absorbed better sans-clothing. However, two-person sleeping bags are often pretty bulky so they’re not very practical when it comes to long-distance backpacking. If you’re more of the campground-camping type, they work great.

That said, if you’re resorting to false survival pretenses to get a little play, you might be spending too much time alone on the trail. Clean yourself up a little and go make some friends, or at least clean yourself up a little, take a selfie, and post it to a dating website. Trying to hook up by inviting strangers to a strip-and-snuggle party in the middle of the woods is much more likely to get you action from a future prison-mate than from your target demographic.

–The Gearographer

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