Best Gear To Keep Your Coffee Addiction Brewing On The Go

You don’t have to forgo your morning caffeine fix just because you’re miles away from your favorite barista. You don’t have to settle for instant either. These innovative designs will help you make the perfect cup of coffee wherever you may be.

Ultralight: MSR MugMatemsr_mugmate
Environmentally friendly and conveniently sized make the MSR MugMate an ideal way to keep yourself properly caffeinated while out on the trail or when you’re short on space (it only weighs 9.8 ounces) Because let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than being without that morning cup of Joe, or being the only one in camp who actually requires one. The MSR MugMate is reusable and is free of any messy paper filters. It also fits in nearly any mug or cup. The coffee steeps in-cup and is then ready to go. Tip: You may want to experiment with the fineness of the grounds to see which leaves less sediment. The mesh filter does a pretty good job of eliminating most, but finding a consistent grind size will help with any gritty texture or taste.

Jetboil Flash Java Kit791310
While the Jetboil brand has a variety of cooking systems, its the Flash Java Kit that will keep the coffee lover in the group satisfied. The system comes with the Jetboil Flash burner, FluxRing® cooking cup, lid, insulated bottom cover/measuring cup, coffee press, coffee sample pack and a tripod base. The innovative thermochromic temperature indicator is integrated into the three stripes on the neoprene cozy to let you know when the contents are hot, meanwhile the coffee press functions just like a French press, but right inside your Jetboil cup. The press stores inside the cup, leaving you plenty of extra space in your pack.

Handpresso Wild Hybrid1
While there are plenty of people who are more than happy with cowboy coffee and the like, there are a discerning few who won’t let locale get in the way of refined taste. The Handpresso Pump was designed with these individuals in mind. The portable espresso maker has taken the popular Wild portable espresso maker and adapted it so that uses both E.S.E. pods like the original and ground espresso coffee. The 16 bar-pressure gauge ensures your espresso is removed at an optimal pressure. To use, just pump the Wild Hybrid like you would a bike pump until the indicator reads in the green zone (approximately 10-30 pumps). Then add hot water to the reservoir and close the lid. Add the coffee, secure portafilter lip and then press down the dispensing button and voila…cowboy coffee’s way sexier cousin.

MSR Trail Lite Duo Coffee PressMSR_TrailLite_CoffeePress_stopper
Combined with the Trail Lite Duo, the MSR Trail Lite Duo Coffee Press offers a solid cup of coffee while also utilizing dual-functioning cookware, so there’s no need for a bunch of additional gear. Simply retrofit the Duo Coffee Press to the Trail Lite Duo pot with the included Coffee Press Plug and your coffee pot becomes a coffee pot in a matter of seconds.

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Percolator65014_0_i
With its classic good looks and traditional appeal, the GSI Glacier Stainless Percolator is a refined take on a camp mainstay. While there are a couple versions, the 14-cup option will keep everyone in the group caffeinated and the PercView knob lets you know when it’s ready to pour. The handle is heat-resistant so you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers and the entire system is dishwasher safe if you care to use it at home as well.

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