35 Sizzling Outdoor Brands in the Southwest

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The Southwest is unique in its outdoor opportunities due to its endless good weather and sunny days. Plus, the Southwest seems to be the perfect blend between going hard and taking it slow. We have complied a list of brands from Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas that we think have got the right idea. The outdoor world better get ready, because the Southwest is taking the world by storm.


Canyon Coolers- Flagstaff, AZ

Canyon Coolers was born in the Grand Canyon, making premium, bear-proof coolers that promise to keep the beer cold at all costs. All products also come with an unbeatable lifetime, no-fault, no-hassle warranty. Canyon Coolers are built for adventures of a lifestyle and priced for a lifetime of adventures.


Teva- Grand Canyon, AZ

The original sport sandal emerged from the shores of the Grand Canyon back in 1984. Born out of necessity to prevent sandals from floating downstream, a resourceful river guide strapped two Velcro watchbands to a pair of old flip-flops. And just like that, Teva was born. Today they are still known for their sandals but sell any footwear from sandals to hiking boots.


Arbor Collective- Venice, CA

Arbor Collective works for a love of the sport. Arbor blends innovative design with traditional craftsmanship to deliver quality and performance to the pursuit of snowboarding, skateboarding, and the good times along the way. Born out of a passion for mindfulness, their goal is to highlight athletes and artists and serve them as a collective community of dirtbags, skaters, and powder-loving people.


Buff- Sonoma County, CA

Nobody likes being cold. So we make jackets and pants and apparel scientifically engineered to keep us warm. But yet, the neck and face are often left unprotected. In light of this pressing problem, Joan Rojas and the fine people at Buff created an awesome, multipurpose, tubular, microfiber solution that has served the outdoor community well since 1991.


Crankbrothers- Laguna Beach, CA

As bike enthusiasts, Crankbrothers have a simple goal: make every ride better than the last. Since their Laguna Beach, garage-shop beginnings, Crankbrothers has become globally recognized and a leading brand of pedals, wheels, dropper posts, pumps, tools, and accessories. Crankbrothers combines mountain bike components with dynamic design resulting in a loyal, trail-tested product.


Evolv- Los Angeles, CA

Evolv is a family of boulderers, sport climbers, trad climbers, alpinists, and mountaineers, suburban adventurers, and mountain folk who get together to build you the best climbing shoes, chalk bags, and climbing-performance apparel that they can.



Hatch Outdoors- Vista, CA

Hatch Outdoors are the makers of freshwater and saltwater fly reels and accessories. They want to provide you with quality tools that instill confidence and change the way you experience fishing.



HippyTree- Los Angeles, CA

HippyTree is the original surf and stone company. They want their products to embody the surf and climbing lifestyle and they are committed to softening its environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials. Fun graphics, edgy style, and a heart for the outdoors and adventure sports: what more could you want in a brand?



HOKA designs running shoes with the same passion that fuels run-lovers, racers, and trail runners. Why run, when with HOKA you can fly?



Kokatat- Arcata, CA

Kokatat is a brand that understands that a passion for the outdoors simply is not something that can be limited by the weather. Their wetsuits, lifejackets, drysuits, and rescue tech pretty much guarantee that weather will never stop the stoke of the adventure.



Marmot Mountain- Rohnert Park, CA

Marmot is one of the better known and respected outdoor gear and clothing companies of the past ten years. Born out of a college glaciology club, Marmot was founded out of both an extreme love for cold-weather adventure and an unavoidable need for excellent cold-weather gear. Today, they are a lead competitor for their tents, sleeping bags, and cold weather technology apparel.


Maui and Sons-Malibu, CA

Maui and Sons blends classic Hawaiian style with the load, retro, and neon vibes of 1980’s California. They make clothing, swimwear and their own snack line. Maui and Sons was born in Maui, raised in Cali, and it all started with a cookie. Check out the story on their website.


Mountain Hardwear- Richmond, CA

Mountain Hardwear is a well-known and respected brand in the industry and they did not get there accidentally, but through their no BS, ready-for-anything gear. They believe anyone who enjoys the outdoors is an outdoor athlete, and they want to inspire their customers to live boldly. They do this by designing tents, packs, apparel, and gear with excellent quality and field-tested performance.


O’Neill- San Francisco, CA

O’Neill is known as the original American surf brand, pioneering experimentation with insulated surf vests to extend surfing sessions in frigid Northern California. Today they continue to make wetsuits, apparel, and surf gear with classic Northern California design and style.



Outdoor Tech- Irvine, CA

Outdoor Tech works to blend a modern lifestyle in the age of mobile technology with the drive to be outdoors. They sell a wide range of products from speakers and portable power banks to wireless headphones and sport-specific technology.



Pelagic- Newport Beach, CA

Pelagic makes high performance offshore gear and fishing clothes for those that live, eat, sleep, and breathe the ocean lifestyle. Their products combine technical fishing apparel with casual lifestyle wear making it perfect for anyone who’s life is oriented around a love for the ocean.



Pelican Products- Torrance, CA

Pelican Products are best known for their waterproof, durable cases and flashlights that protect our personal items while we pursue our outdoor passions. No one understands outdoor needs like outdoor fanatics, and the outdoor fanatics at Pelican understand and deliver tough-as-nails products.


PrAna- Carlsbad, CA

PrAna strives to make clothes that help you thrive in any environment and embody your adventurous spirit. Rooted in the California yoga and climbing scene, PrAna values sustainability and community and values finding innovative ways to do good things in a good way.



Royal Robbins- San Francisco, CA

Royal Robbins was instrumental in changing the climbing culture of the late 1960s and early 1970s by encouraging the use and preservation of the natural features of the rock. His namesake brand makes sure that each product is designed to the specifications of quality, personality, durability, and sustainability that reflect the values of Liz and Royal Robbins.


Toad&Co- Santa Barbara, CA

Toad&Co pairs simple and stylish apparel with a promise to never be in the business of making clothes and always be in the business of making change. Their company is a bunch of dreamers and mountain movers, preaching the gospel of sustainability and spontaneity. With Toad&Co, every day is an adventure.


Vissla-Viejo, CA

On the business side, Vissla is a surf brand that designs high-quality wetsuits and apparel. But Vissla values more than their business, they value creators and innovators. They embody the individualism of the surf culture, with craftsmanship and a heart for caring for the oceans and waves that raised us. Vissla lives out a surf-everything and ride-anything mentality.


Vuori- Encinitas, CA

On the business side, Vissla is a surf brand that designs high-quality wetsuits and apparel. But Vissla values more than their business, they value creators and innovators. They embody the individualism of the surf culture, with craftsmanship and a heart for caring for the oceans and waves that raised us. Vissla lives out a surf-everything and ride-anything mentality.


Western Mountaineering- San Jose, CA

Western Mountaineering is a small company with a big heart started by two guys and the dream to design the best sleeping bags out there. Their bags are filled with goose down and are water repellant, reflecting their commitment to sourcing responsibily and providing a product that meets the needs of their customers.


Clif Bar & Co.- Emeryville, CA

Clif Bar has one good for whatever they do: make it good. Their bars have a variety of unique and awesome flavors and are made organically with the ingredients necessary to fuel your adventures or just your daily grind.



Glacier Glove- Reno, NV

Glacier Glove makes waterproof gloves, windproof fleece, and a lot of other gear that keeps you in your element, despite the elements.



Hari Mari- Dallas, TX

Hari Mari makes flip flops with clean aesthetics and design that reveals their commitment to simplicity and comfort. These are serious flip-flops. Flip flops for flop enthusiasts.



SPIbelt- Austin, TX

Spibelt produces a variety of belts for runners, travelers, and medical professionals. From 5k’s to marathons to a 12-hour shift, SPIBelt has got you covered. SPIbelt: the bounce-free belt for carrying the essentials.



Red Rock Outdoor Gear- Robinson, TX

Red Rock designs tough packs, camo netting, and most all of the basic survival and camping products you might need on your next adventure. Their goal is to continue to learn about how to make their products the best that they can be by learning from what their customers need. Red Rock Outdoor Gear uses their skilled craftsmanship to perfect the gear you rely on.


Mizzen + Main- Dallas, TX

Mizzen and Main is a men’s professional clothing brand. They sell a variety of dress shirts, casual clothes, and blazers. Not only do their dress shirts look nice and have the custom style, they are created to adapt to be comfortable and flexible for your athletic lifestyle. These shirts keep the sweat-soaked wrinkled look of plain dress shirts away so that you can do whatever you want without restriction.


Diablo Paddlesports-Martindale, TX

Diablo Paddlesports creates paddleboards and boats that can not only float but make their way through shallow waters. This Texas local brand sought to create a board that meets the unique needs of paddling the local waters. Diablo Paddlesports has developed a unique hybrid watercraft that is inspiring the evolution of the SUP sport.


YETI- Austin, TX

Yeti Coolers are built to last for years. More than that, Yeti is built for the wild. Their coolers, drinkware, bags, and chairs are excellently made and everything Yeti does is marked by their pure love for the zeal of adventure.



Livingston Lures- San Antonio, TX

Livingston Lures designs a variety of fishing lures that emit natural baitfish sounds to ‘call’ to the fish. With Livingston Lures, your fishing buddies will be calling you the fish whisperer.



Howler Brothers- Austin, TX

The Howler Brothers’ clothing designs honor the soul, passion, and timeless style of surfing and fly fishing cultures with a passion for art and the outdoors. This brand was born out of the rowdiness and wildness of two men who wanted to share their passion for life with the world and their gear does just that. Everything they design has an element of creativity and eclecticism while providing the grit and durability needed for Texas work gear.


Contributions made by Jaslyn Dalrymple

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