24 Great Outdoor Brands in The Southeast

The Southeast is famous for being home to some of the rowdiest, hootin’ and hollarin’, surf cowboys in the outdoor world. Sandwiched between the Appalachian Mountains, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean, the Southeast states have access to a world of outdoor fun and have a world of need for awesome outdoor brands. These are some of the Southeast born brands that we love and can’t wait to get more of.


Explore Scientific- Springdale, Arkansas

In the outdoors, we spend a lot of time under the stars. Explore Scientific lets us know the stars like we know our friends. Quality telescopes, night scopes, and sports optics.



Fayettechill- Fayetteville, Arkansas

Established in 2009, Fayettechill brings its home in the Ozark Mountains to the world by way of eco-conscious, built-to-last goods. Fayettechill was established as a refreshed and re-envisioned outdoor culture open to all inspired by nature.



AVID Sportswear- Florida

AVID Sportswear is a sporting and fishing lifestyle brand that designs and develops premium sportswear celebrating the lifestyles and pursuits of sportsmen and women across the globe.



BOTE- Destin, Florida

BOTE Stand-Up Paddle Boards: the capabilities of a boat with the simplicity of a board. Made to stand apart in function and form, BOTE makes sleek boards born of Destin, Florida’s old school character.



Corkcicle- Orlando, Florida

Corkcicle believes in your right to have chilled wine anywhere, anytime. They create innovative barware, hydration, and coolers that continue to push the boundaries of keeping things cool in style. Even better, Corkcicle desires to be known not for what they make, but how: their brand strives to help keep plastic out of landfills and contributes a portion of their proceeds to keeping our ocean squeaky clean.


Costa Sunglasses- Daytona Beach, Florida

Costa Sunglasses live boldly with their mission to create the best sunglasses on the planet for life’s great adventures. Costa makes sunglasses for people who don’t just spend their life on the water- they come to life on the water.



Tifosi Optics- Watkinsville, Georgia

Tifosi Optics enthusiastically create eyewear with quality, style, function, and value. Their optics are made especially with bikers, runners, and golfers in mind. Tifosi plays the game of optics, so you focus on the game, sport, or adventure that you love.



Realtree- Columbus, Georgia

Realtree Camo makes solid and scientific camouflage gear for solid and serious hunters and fishermen. But behind their gear shop, the folks over at Realtree work for a love of the game, creating an online mecca of hunting and fishing information for the outdoor community to fawn over. Not too forget pawpaw pancake recipes and deer poop quizzes. These guys are legit.


Nichols Lures- Thomasville, Georgia

Nichols Lures is a small bass fishing lure manufacturing company that produces only the finest hand-painted, hand-assembled baits. They ensure that each product provides the absolute best fishing experience to their customers, standing behind their motto: hand-crafted to perfection.



WindPouch- Atlanta, Georgia

WindPouch is the answer to today’s yearning for more simplistic, spontaneous good times. Ultra-durable, lightweight, portable, comfy and beautifully simple, WindPouch inflates in seconds for a convenient respite anywhere. Relax on it, snooze on it, use it as dry-bag. WindPouch is designed to fit your life’s unique adventures indoors, outdoors and everywhere in between.


MossyOak- West Point, Mississippi

If you don’t know of MossyOak, you don’t know hunting. Their camouflage and flannel apparel and gear not only provide everything you could ever need for a lifestyle of hunting, but they are also marked with durability and functionality that will make you want to keep MossyOak around.



Thermos- Batesville, Mississippi

Thermos is a brand who likes to keep things hot. And seeing as they are one of the leading brands in insulated drink and foodware, they are pretty good at it. Thermos brand believes in families and making the every day a little bit easier with products that work reliably and for a lifetime.



Astral- Asheville, North Carolina

Astral is committed to building the best performing products for wilderness athletes and building them with the least impact. Over the years, their innovation and passion for the water has created life jackets that changed the PFD industry and footwear with the stickiest rubber ever worn on wet rock. Their PFDs for people and pets continue to be the standard for life jackets in the industry and their footwear brings a new level of style and safety to the whitewater game.


Burt’s Bees- Durham, North Carolina

Burt’s bees is the leading brand in all-natural beauty. From skincare and makeup to hair and oral care and everything in between, Burt’s Bees has it. They figured if they were passionate about playing in nature, their beauty produces had better play by nature’s rules. Burt’s Bees has created a new wave of environmentally-friendly produces that are making us believe that the outdoors have a lot more our daily lives.


Eastern Bikes- Maiden, North Carolina

Eastern Bikes has perfected the formula for the best BMX bikes. Starting in 1966, Eastern has worked hard to make every piece of their bikes work as perfectly as possible, and they must be getting close because their parts and designs have been adapted on most BMX bikes sold worldwide. Eastern Bikes believes that there was nothing as fun as a good old-fashioned bike until Eastern proved that sometimes new is even better.


Polarmax- Candor- North Carolina

Polarmax creates base layers to keep you warm for the winter. The Outdoor Industry is built on a love for a good challenge, but they believe that not everything about adventure needs to be uncomfortable. With Polarmax products, comfort belongs in the outdoors and weather will be the least of your worries



Wolff Industries- Spartanburg, South Carolina

Wolff Industries is the expert brand on all things scissors and sharpeners. They sell high-quality knives for the kitchen, scissor sharpeners,  stainless steel scissors, and all the parts and accessories you could ever need. Wolff has a passion for their work and offer training courses on all their devices to help you learn more about the art of sharp.


Jackson Kayak- Sparta, Tennessee

Jackson Kayak designs builds and manufactures some of the best kayaks on the market for whitewater, fishing, and exploration paddlesports.  Their products are made with incredible quality and are built for long-lasting fun in the water.



Litespeed Bicycles- Chattanooga, Tennessee

Litespeed was founded with the dream to create a bicycle that was feather-light and agile without skimping out on durability and strength. Their brand has since proven that their dream was not only possible but is now a reality. These bikes are meant to last and have been proven to do so. At Litespeed, not only do riders get better with age, their bikes do too.


Lodge Manufacturing- South Pittsburg, Tennessee

Lodge Cast Iron Manufacturing makes premium cast iron cookware for every part of life. They think that the elevated cooking experience that cast iron provides should be a part of every kitchen, whether a professional kitchen, your home, or a fire in the middle of the woods.



Sockwell- Chattanooga, Tennessee

Sockwell takes it back to the basics by creating socks with a passion. Their socks do a lot more than keep your shoes company, with their innovative therapeutic socks that provide the relief and comfort you need to keep doing the things you love longer. Sockwell is self-titled the world’s greatest sock maker, and with their passion for socks that make you feel better every day, we believe them.


Yukon Outfitters- Alamo, Tennessee

Yukon creates hammocks, dry bags, camping gear, and more that promise to give customers high quality without cleaning out your wallet. Having reliable gear in any outdoor situation is a must, and Yukon has brilliant ideas to make your life easier with produces that weigh less, are more compact, yet always deliver the quality and support you need.


SPOT- Chantilly, Virginia

Spot has created one of the most advanced 2-way satellite messengers designed for the outdoor adventurer.  SPOT allows you to send your location, send emails, or press S.O.S to call for rescue taking trail and trip safety to new levels.



YakAttack- Burkeville, Virginia

The YakAttack team takes fishing out of the boat and off of the land with specialized gear for any fishing adventure built for kayaks, SUPs, and really anywhere you can dream of fishing. These fishermen’s love for the water-inspired innovative products that take fishing much farther than the shores.


Contributions made by Jasyln Dalrymple.






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