5 Pieces of Howler Bros Gear You Need for This Fall

Longsleeve Aransas Shirthowl-2_dae9eec4-856e-47a7-b3ac-e523ab572725_1024x1024The Longsleeve Aransas shirt is simply a longsleeve version of the classic Howler Bros Aransas shirt. The Aransas is made with a woven polyester & cotton blend and is good for just a day at the office or a nice night on the town. The vents on the side help the Aransas vent heat and make sure you stay dry and comfortable all day long. One of my favorite features of this shirt is that one of the extra pockets is lined with a microfiber material that you can use to clean your sunglasses.


Workman’s Shirt


The 100% cotton Workman’s Shirt is exactly what it sounds like, a great shirt for working. The rugged build makes it perfect for working in your shop all day long. Although it is not as formal as the Aransas, it still works great if you want to wear it to your favorite bar or restaurant. The combination of the contrasting, reinforced arms and Corozo buttons makes sure you’re looking good no matter how hard you’ve been working.

Quepos Quilted Jackethowl-23_5cce3823-1faf-49a4-b8ff-ae98c2b0d814_1024x1024

When winter decides to rear its ugly head, the Quepos jacket makes sure you’re prepared. It is water an wind resistant and not to mention extremely warm. It includes the same sunglass cleaning microfiber pocket as the Aransas shire, just this time it’s on the inside pocket of the jacket. This is going to be my go to jacket when it starts to get cold this winter.

Merlin VestHowler-3374_1024x1024

If you’re the kind of person who’s arms don’t get cold, or maybe you just don’t care for sleeves, then the Merlin Vest is for you. The Merlin Vest is so light and packable that it can pack down and ¬†disappear into one of its pockets and be ready to take on your next adventure. It’s built out of a waterproof, ripstop outer-shell and a Pirmaloft inner fill so you don’t have to worry about snagging it on branches and losing its warm fill.

Feedback Hoodie

If you’re just looking for a light-weight, everyday hoodie, you should check out the Feedback Hoodie. It is warm, soft, and stylish, and what more could you ask from your hoodie? The leather fobs on the end of the draw string are not only functional, they also add a bit of style to the jacket. This jacket is a great grab and go, everyday piece that goes great with everything.


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