Which Phone Case Fits Your Lifestyle?

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Not only does the type of phone and carrier you pick seem to define you these days, but the box you put it in says a lot about you and your lifestyle. What? You don’t have your phone in a case? Well here’s what you need to know then.

Why So Many Choices
Phone cases come in a wide range of types and styles. Some are rugged and made to withstand dropping while some are water proof and ready to be submerged. Others are designed with style and flair involved so what type of life you lead may help determine what case you should surround that investment you call a cell phone.

The Most Popular: OtterBox
If you wish to go with number 1, go OtterBox. Founded in 1998 in Ft. Collins, Colorado OtterBox.com is the top seller of phone cases in the nation and has lines for every major cell phone manufacturer. Their models range from the heavy duty Defender to the Commuter, and on to the more stylish, but less protective, Symmetry and Mysymmetry.
We’re Styling: Touch of Modern
At TouchofModern.com they are interested in style big time. They offer cases that range from leather to brushed aluminum to stainless steel and in gold, red, silver, black, blue and white or many combinations of all of these. These are city-slicker cases and we could imagine James Bond using one. Reminiscent of the old days with fancy cigarette cases, these would look great when enjoying a night on the town.
Put Your Face on it: Skinit
At Skinit.com they offer customized cases using your own pictures on the skin. If you have a huge family and everyone has a cell phone, how about really customizing them? Send them your personal photo and you’ll get back a case with your smiling mug on the cover. Not a bad idea for being able to tell which phone is whose in a big family.
For the Swimming Hole: Lifeproof
Lifeproof.com specializes in cases that will protect your phone from are water, dirt, shock and snow and they state they are the #1 waterproof case in the business. Their cases can be submerged allowing you to swim soak or surf. They don’t explain how it helps if you’ve never surfed before, but we must assume that even if you drown, your phone will still work.
Wrap it on Your Arm: Anker
If you’re looking for an armband case while working out or running check out Anker.com. They also offer wallet type cases or ones that have a pop-out stand. Their Ultra Protective model is said to have been drop tested 6 times from 3 feet onto its corners and back on a hard concrete floor (their words not mine—never seen a “soft” concrete floor) without damage. They also offer transparent cases along with premium or synthetic leather.

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