6 Bluetooth Speakers to Get You Grooving

Are you still rocking the Walkman? Well take a step into the digitial age and cut the wires. Bluetooth speakers over the last few years have shrunk in size, expanded in design, and are now more affordable than ever. Alongside the high quality sound, these speakers allow you to jam out in any room of your house, on the beach, or on the patio as you enjoy the home stretch of summer. To inspire music into your life, are 6 of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market:

Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker III – $299.00Bose has been the industry leader of speakers for years, so it comes as no surprise that they are the leader in the pack for Bluetooth. This 10-inch width 21st century boom box may be easy to carry around the house, but in terms of sound, be careful when turning the dial to 11. Big sound, small style, and over 12 hours of battery life makes this a versatile speaker for anywhere in your house.

Ultimate Ears Boom Bluetooth Speaker – $199.00Get 360⁰ sound from Ultimate Ears’ Boom speakers. These sleek designed speakers not only deliver the sound in all directions, but the cylindrical shape allows for convenient carrying in all directions as well. Top that with water and dirt resistant covering, and this speaker is safe to go on any adventure where music is needed. And as a bonus, find another friend with the Boom speakers and you can pair your devices together to deliver twice the sound.

Marshall’s Stanmore Bluetooth Speakers – $400.00Get back to the classic designs with Marshall’s Stanmore Speakers. Delivering both sound and style, these speakers deserve the main stage of your listening room and won’t disappoint to rock the party. With numerous plug in options, including Bluetooth of course, these speakers can play music from any Bluetooth enabled device, anything with a headphone jack, and even those old fashioned record players with RCA inputs.

Boom Movements Swimmer Bluetooth Speakers – $59.99These innovative speakers are perfect for even your most remote destinations. Easily compact, hard not to hear, the Swimmer Speakers from Boom Movements are a low cost solution to portable speakers. Water resistant, dirt repellant, and small enough to fit just about anywhere, use these speakers in the bathroom, at the beach, or connected to your handlebars for those after work party rides; whatever you do, listen with style with the Swimmer Speakers.

Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speakers – $149.99Offering a more affordable option for box Bluetooth speakers than Bose, the Jambox not only delivers with a lower price, but more colors to choose from. With great sound, the Jambox also offers over 117 color combinations to customize your look. And whether you go pink on pink for your Barbie inspired playroom, or black on black for your gothic workshop, whatever color you choose, Jawbone allows you to define your music experience beyond the playlists you put on.

Grace Digital Schooners II Bluetooth Speakers – $129.99Nothing beats the summer heat like sitting poolside with your favorite songs on in the background. Grace Digital’s Schooners II speakers offer the best in outdoor entertainment with their slick-designed speakers. Perfect for the patio, these speakers are compact enough to not get in the way, but deliver enough sound to practice your cannibals while singing along to your favorite songs. And with two speakers in the package, the options are endless for how you want to set up your sound.

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