9 Gift Ideas for the Runner in Your Life

Runners are a rare breed. They’ll happily swap a sleep-in session for a training run in the dark. They’ll barely notice if a toenail falls off. And they’ll gleefully give you a mile-by-mile replay of their last race, bathroom breaks and all.

If you have a runner in your life, you’ll know that their passion, dedication, and perseverance makes them an exceptionally awesome person—one who is deserving of an equally awesome Christmas gift. Here are a few gifts ideas for the special runner in your life—some are products, while others are experiences, but all are guaranteed hits.

Zephyr Fire 100 Hand Torch
If your runner is putting in some after-dark (or before-daylight) hours, keep them safe with the Zephyr hand torch. This handheld flashlight is ergonomically designed so that the runner can easily light the path ahead without straining his or her wrist. It’s lightweight, it’s comfy, it’s practical—it’s a winning gift.

New Shoes
If you’re looking for a gift that will see a lot of mileage, pick up a new pair of running shoes for your favorite runner. Since all feet are a little different, it’s best to stick to a brand and style that your runner already knows and loves. Do a little gym-bag sleuthing and wrap up a shiny new pair for Christmas morning.

Body Glide
Body Glide anti-chafing, anti-blister balms might not be the sexiest of Christmas gifts, but they’ll change your runner’s life in a very good way. Long distance runners will appreciate how the balm will prevent chafing, blistering, and uncomfortable rubbing using natural, plant-based ingredients. Body Glide is a great pick for a stocking stuffer.

Race Day Entry
If you want to give the gift of an experience, surprise your favorite runner by signing him or her up for an upcoming race. Give your athlete plenty of time to train and pick a distance that you know he or she loves. Make it extra special by picking an out-of-town destination race, and pair the gift with an overnight stay at a B&B and a post-massage spa—pure bliss.

Lululemon Blissed Out Gloves
A runner in a Lululemon store is like a kid in a candy shop—you really can’t go wrong with anything Lulu. The Blissed Out Gloves are no exception. They’re made with a sweat-wicking fabric and have touchscreen-friendly fingertips—perfect for those wintry day runs.

Club or Clinic Fees
Run clubs and race training clinics are great opportunities for a runner to expand and improve, but fees can get a little expensive on top of running gear and race entries. If the runner in your life has been going on about a certain training club or pre-race workshop, surprise him or her by footing the bill.

SpeedDraw Plus Insulated Water Bottle
Running and hydration go hand in hand—Nathan’s SpeedDraw Plus Insulated is a literal example. This hand-held water bottle fits easily and naturally into a runner’s hand with an adjustable strap, meaning no bouncing around or getting in the way. With a capacity of 18 oz/535 mL, it’ll keep your runner hydrated on-the-go, and the double-wall insulation means that liquids inside will be kept nice and cold. Best of all, the strap comes with a zipper pocket for phone, keys, and extra fuel.

Smartwool PhD Run Light Socks
Make no mistake about it—when it comes to running, all socks are not created equal! Smartwoold’s PhD Run Light Socks are available in both men and women styles and are super long lasting, with impeccable design features: the 4 Degree Elite fit system means the sock can stretch with the foot without losing elasticity, while high impact areas are protected with the patented ReliaWool technology to ensure durability. They come in some fun colors, too.

iTunes Gift Card
Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones that are the most simple. For many runners, the perfect playlist is a crucial training tool—so give them the gift of music.

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